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Hi I'm Noelle Rucinski

Two months before i joined the church i was on the verge of being an athiest. I was baptised in august 2010. I'm now a mormon.

About Me

My name is Noelle. I like to read, write and study books. Usually self help books or something that will benifit me in the long run. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I have struggled with mental illness most of my life. I am 26 years old and i have finally started being pro-active in my recovery from mental illness. I suffer from Bi-polar disorder, so i have a lot of ups and downs in a day and i also deal with a lot of depressive moods. I am currently living with my parents who are not lds members. I am the first in my family, aside from a distant cousin, who was baptised into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am very proud to be in the church and to call myself a Christian. Two months before i was baptised i was nearly a full blown athiest. Well i was more agnostic than athiest but i certainly didnt care for the christian religon at all. Then i had my witness. I spoke the words "Jesus Christ, i accept you into my heart as my lord and savior" and just as the last word exited my mouth i felt the presence of Heavenly Father. I felt His love, His joy and His healing hand. I can not and never will deny Christ and Heavenly Father's existence. My experience was far too powerful for me to doubt that it had ever happened. But it did not stop me from leaving the church for about a year and a half to two years. But now i am back and my testimony of Heavenly father, Jesus Christ and the church are stronger than ever. Got Q's? Ask away! :)

Why I am a Mormon

I was living with a mormon family when i first learned about the church. I really didnt ask any questions as to why they were mormon nor did i even want to convert to christianity because i didnt exactly have a kind word to say about christians at the time. so the family was respectful and didnt push the issue. about lets say 6 months of living with them i decided to give up smoking for a friend. i didnt want to smell like smoke when she was around me because i didnt want her to smell the smoke on my clothes and be tempted to smoke a cigarette. 6 days into the quitting process i had the perfect chance to find out if Jesus Christ was real or not. I spoke the words, and he entered me mind, body and spirit. it felt like i knew everything! like everything was gonna be ok. I felt love for the first time. i felt joy and wept tears of joy for the first time. i fealt physically cleansed. it felt like i took the biggest breath of fresh air and that all was good. and it truly was because of what Heavenly Father taught me while he touched my spirit. after this great experience i had i was over joyed and called my friend the mormon whom i was living with to tell her. she invited me to church the following sunday. i decided to go. i was weary at first. mainly because of all the strange things i had heard about mormons which was actually rumors and tall tales. the first day there i felt my questions being answered without even speaking a word. the next week was fasting testimony. so i decided well im gonna fast and pray with the family so i did. and that was the first time i bore witness of christ in the church. then before i knew it i was saying i want to be in the church. and the funny thing is i had once said when i was living with the mormon family that if i had ever converted to christianity i would NEVER become a mormon. well here i am. a happy mormon. I know that i am in the right place. being baptised was the best decision i have ever made.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith by being kind to others. Helping people out with cleaning or cooking and asking for nothing in return. I don't really have a calling in the church right now. I am currently a returned member who was very active in the begining. Then i fell away because of a temptation i could not resist. God has given me weaknesses so that i might learn from my mistakes and always come to him or to seek his help. I understand this better now. I try to be honest and i want to be honest with you the reader. I think it is a very important thing to do when your speaking about your faith, is to be honest. I bare my testimony that serving in the church or in the community is a very important thing to do and that it is devine to do. I currently am helping out with some of the youth activities in the church. I am also seeing the sister missionaries on a weekly basis. I wish to convey that i am currently un-employed and i have no transportation. so many of the members have been very helpful in getting me to church every sunday and taking me to see the missionaries for lessons. The members of my ward are very kind and helpful and have really been reaching out to me to make me feel more comfortable and welcome even though i had left. many members are like this and serve the other members without expecting anything in return. and i believe that that is the way things should be. it makes things nicer anyway.