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Hi I'm Jordan Housholder

In my life, my goal is to always do that which will, within reason, bring the most happiness to the most people. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. For most of my life I was homeschooled, and that allowed me to study the word of God alongside and as a part of my secular education. This enriched my studies in so many ways, and helped me to develop a deep understanding of my world, my religion, and how the two where intertwined. The impact of that understanding has permeated all aspects of my life, and built my testimony of Christ in ways that nothing else could. I am so grateful for my parents, and the choice they made to raise me in the way they did. I also spent a large amount of my time, throughout my teenage years, involved in the Boy Scouts of America. This program changed my life in more ways that I can count. From the life lessons taught, to the genuine excitement of an adventure, Scouting taught me how to live a good life. More than that, however, it gave me chances to experience God's love for me in real ways. That touched a young man at his core, and laid a foundation for a more mature testimony in the future. I remember those years with fondness. As I grew up and met the world, I often found myself reaching back into the books I'd loved, when I needed advice; or hiking to those special places in the mountains, when I needed solitude. These things, that were a part of my childhood, still help me through my difficulties today. Now, I've been called to serve my church as a full-time missionary. I couldn't be more grateful for that opportunity!

Why I am a Mormon

The foundation for my beliefs is simple. I believe that God loves me. It's that simple. And because I believe that, I also believe that God loves you. I believe that because He loves us, He prepared a way for each of us to learn and grow. Just like my dad took off the training wheels on my bicycle, let me go, and watched me crash; God sent me from his protection, let me go, and watches me fail every day. But just like my dad, God made sure I would have someone there to help me up. I believe that God, in his love, sent Christ as that someone, our Savior. That Christ came to earth to teach, serve, and save us, that He taught us what we needed to know to return to God, and then suffered an unimaginable amount in order to understand our sins, so that He could forgive them. I know that I have felt forgiveness for sins that would have crushed my soul. I know that because of my faith in Christ, I have overcome trials and temptations that were bigger than me. I know that God still speaks on earth, and that by living worthily, each of us can receive personal, divine messages and instruction. I know that living the Gospel laid out by Christ, makes me happier. I know that the church which teaches the full Gospel, as Christ taught it, is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I believe that the power God uses to govern the universe is available to his children, that that power is the Holy Priesthood, and that the LDS church in the only church with that priesthood authority. I believe that after we die, during the final years of our world, we will all be resurrected and given perfected bodies, free from temptations. I believe that God will then judge us based on our knowledge, our desires, and our actions. I believe that God loves us, and that after being judged, we will all agree that we have been dealt with, no just fairly, but compassionately. I believe that despite our shortcomings, because God loves us, We can become like God.

How I live my faith

"What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have no works? Can faith save him?" James 2:14 This verse pretty much sums up my belief on faith. Christ spent His whole life serving those around Him. He served, healed, and taught all those who would come to Him. Especially the poor, the sick, and the sinners. I have spent my life trying my best to act as Christ would act. I'm terribly bad at that, but I've been getting better. One way I try to act in accordance with Christ's example and teachings is by serving the poor. Since I was 16, I've tried to serve the local homeless in meaningful ways, as much as possible. I can't help but reach out to those who are in need, even though many people around me say that I'm foolish, or that they don't deserve my help. But really, I know that as I serve, I am doing the work that God would have me do. Right now, I'm living my faith by serving a full-time mission for the church. It's my belief that every good thing should be shared, and that I should always try to bring as much happiness into the world as possible. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings found in scripture have brought me more happiness than any other single thing in my life. It simply stands to reason that I should share that Gospel with as many people as possible. So in keeping with the spirit of showing your faith through your works, I'm dedicating two years of my life to sharing the faith I have with others. I love the gospel, and show it through service.