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Hi I'm Kaytie

I love all things related to speech and language. I'm an identical twin who loves our small town. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a university graduate who studied Communication Disorders and absolutely loved every minute of it. I get nerdily excited any time someone talks about the inner ear and hearing. Your cochlea is praise worthy. Trust me. I got to apply the language development in reading aspect of my degree this past year as I worked in a school library that introduced me to many of my favorite people and students. This job also just reaffirmed my love of Harry Potter. Recently I was admitted to restart my educational goals of obtaining a masters. Currently I am studying Deaf Education with an emphasis on Listening and the Spoken language. I moved a lot growing up but have always stayed in small communities, but my favorite is definitely where I can always call home. Here we play copious amounts of softball and soccer, enjoy hiking, camping, boating, running, spending time with my family, reading and helping on the farm.

Why I am a Mormon

I firmly believe that every person has their own conversion story. Whether you were born into a church or were raised with a certain belief, at some point you have to decide if you will adopt that belief and make it your own. I was raised in a home that loved this gospel and my parents worked hard to help me understand that I have a loving Father in Heaven. But it wasn't until my first year in University that I realized I truly know these things, and it wasn't just a lovely part of growing up. I had moved away and had roommates that all believed in different churches. We quickly became best friends and would talk all hours of the day. One day we were comparing our different versions of the bible. It was interesting, because here we all believed that a God existed and influenced all authors and people in the bible. But we all had different versions, translated by different people and publishers with some varying doctrine. I started thinking about how my Book of Mormon is additional scripture to that bible. I wanted to know if that was right, or if I was simply believing in a book because it said things I liked. I wanted to know if they really came from the same God in the bible. I prayed and asked real questions for the first time in my life. And as I did that, slowly but surely I gained a strong undeniable knowledge that the Book of Mormon is true. That God is still here, and He has a church here on earth today with all parts of the gospel restored. I love this gospel, not just because it brings me so much joy as I live it, but because I know without a doubt that it is run by my Father in Heaven who loves me and all of us here and before. Times will be tough, trials will be had and things get hard. Then I remember who is on my side, and that simple but strong quiet testimony brings me back, and all is calm.

How I live my faith

I decided that I needed to serve a mission. The timing wasn't what I expected. Most people go and serve around 19 and I went at 24 with an undeniable desire to go and serve as a full time missionary. Milwaukee, Wisconsin was exactly what I needed. Throughout my life I've had some awesome opportunities to work and serve in my community as a ward missionary and a weekly Sunday school teacher. At first it was overwhelming. I definitely don't know everything and it's intimidating going to teach, knowing you have so much to learn. But I have a strong testimony that if you are willing to study and ask questions with a real intent of learning, you will be prepared to do what you need to do. God works with everyday people. He doesn't expect us to be perfect, He just asks that we try. And if we try, we are enabled to do way more than we thought possible with His help. As I talk to others, hearing their beliefs and sharing my own, I feel connected to people in a way that I wasn't able to before. This world is big, and loud and constantly shouting messages at us. It makes it hard to feel like small and simple messages and lives matter. But they do, and I feel that as I go out and teach. People truly are amazing. Our differences balance us out, our varying life experience allows us to help each other out. We really are all brothers and sisters of a loving Heavenly Father.