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Hi I'm Keith

I practice Medicine in Oregon. I love adventure. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am now 60 years old. Wow, am I really? I love spending time with my wife, five children and eleven grand-children. I love work. I enjoy adventure and challenging myself to be more than I am right now. I like being fit. I like discovering new interests and developing new proficiencies. I like order. I love giving service. After many years of university and medical school and residency training, I have been a general medical internist for over 30 years, in private outpatient practice, hospital medicine, and emergency and urgent care. Many thousands of patients have taught me by their example about faith in adversity, long-suffering in dire situations, and humor and hope when all seems lost. What an education they have given me. What wonderful examples they have displayed. Our family has enjoyed traveling and adventure around the world, in China and Russia, Central America, Africa, the Pacific and Europe. We have sailed on a catamaran for months in the Caribbean, and have climbed many mountains, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua and others. We have enjoyed road biking and have ridden many Century rides. We have scuba dived in many oceans of the world, and have even learned to jump out of perfectly good airplanes. I love adventure. I love adrenalin. But the greatest adrenalin rush of all is the joy of following the Savior.

Why I am a Mormon

Today I spent 4 hours voluntarily picking pears at our local Church Welfare farm. These pears are sent to a cannery, also staffed by volunteers, to be processed and then sent to the needy of the world. We do this without pay or other physical incentive. One of the women present stated she was there while her husband was watching their child, and she finally got some time to herself. I remarked "You know you're a Mormon when you come to pick pears on your day off!" For me this brief interaction reinforced one of the reasons I choose to follow the faith of my youth. That is, because it encourages me to lose myself in service to others. I find myself, my best self, in so-doing. It allows me to actively and frequently put my faith into action. I am a Christian. I am a follower of Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. He came to earth as Son of Man, the Son of God, perfect in all respects, to mark the path we should follow. He gave for us an unblemished example of how to live our lives in love, in service, in obedience, even by the things he suffered. He endured all things he asks us to endure. He bore all pain, loss, fatigue, frustration, loneliness and betrayal. He did this so he can succor us in our own need. I am saved by His grace after doing all I can do to be obedient to Him. I am a Mormon because herein lies the authority to perform the saving ordinances of salvation. Herein lies the promise of continuing revelation to guide us in these times. The heavens are open. Revelation to his prophets, as in days of old, continues. I am a Mormon because the Book of Mormon convinces me that the Restoration of the Gospel occurred through the prophet Joseph Smith, confirming the pattern of God's dealings with his people through all recorded time. I am a Mormon because God, through the Holy Ghost, has confirmed to me after study and prayer that it is true. I am a Mormon because in the Temple of God I can be united through eternity with my precious family. It gives me hope.

How I live my faith

The fruit of my faith is seen whenever my patients, friends and family learn and act based on the love and example of the Savior they see in me. I am a medical internist in private practice. Some of my favorite professional times have been when I set down my stethoscope and reflex hammer and instead focused on the spiritual needs of patients, emphasizing the spiritual remedies which would lead to better mental and physical health, and more happiness, fulfillment and longevity. These times have been most rewarding. I love visiting my friends in their homes regularly with my Priesthood companion and bringing the light and love of the Savior into their homes and lives. I love teaching the truths of the Gospel. I love working with our Young Single Adult members in our local Ward. I have been a Leader of Young Men and Boy Scouts, and have spent many nights on the ground and treated many blisters and poison oak as we have trekked and learned outdoor skills, all in the process of building character, self-reliance, confidence, love of work, integrity and a desire to finish what we start. I love helping our youth find jobs, which blesses them temporally. I have tried to live my faith in working on the Boards of community groups such as Habit for Humanity, fighting to keep Christ and Christian principles as the moral underpinnings of our efforts. I have tried to live my faith by loving and honoring my wife. We have been married for 37 years now, and have raised five children, with many grandchildren blessing our lives. We live our faith as we teach our children the difference between right and wrong, the concepts of agency to choose for ourselves, stewardship, responsibility and of the unavoidability of an accounting for our choices in the future from our parents, our boss, our leaders, and the Lord. We live our faith when we stick it out together even when it is hard, and raise righteous, dependable children of faith.