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Hi I'm Sydney!

I am a Utah native, a wife, nursing student, world traveler, and I love peanut butter & oreos! I am a Mormon.

About Me

Hi, I'm Sydney! I enjoy living life to it's fullest. Growing up I was found dancing, power tumbling, snowboarding, cheerleading, drawing/painting, doing photography and writing. I am an avid book worm, ice cream nut, world traveler, and Disney song jeopardy wiz. I love adventure! To experience new ideas, new people, new lands. In college I traveled to Valparaiso, Chile and studied abroad to continue my study in Spanish, and since have dreamt of doing humanitarian work in various countries throughout the world! Hopefully using some skills I obtain from my nursing degree. I love being an LDS member. I love being sealed to my husband for time and all eternity and enjoy sharing in laughter, silly jokes, memories, and all life's experiences with him and everyone I meet each day!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know to my core that it is the most fundamental part of being here on this earth. I grew up in a home where one of my parents, and many of my extended family, were not members of the LDS church. It was something that gave direct contrast to what I came to realize I believed. To know that in this crazy, upside-down world, there is a way we can live eternally happy. Despite the darkness, we can be the light! We can shine forth and show others that evil doesn't need to prevail any longer. We are all sons and daughters of our Father above. I am a Mormon because I love my family, and I want to live with them for eternity. I am a Mormon because I love the happiness that comes from living the values and morals with conviction! To stand for something, and not fall for anything, as President Hinckley once said. LDS Missionaries are such an example of this, with the spirit they carry and the light that radiates from them draws so many to them and invites the message they wish to share! I am a Mormon because I love this Gospel, and I want to return to live with my Father in Heaven again one day. To be proud of what I left behind when I do leave this life, and leave a way for my family after me to know and love their Father, also. I love the kindness, forgiveness, instant friendship wherever in the world you go, and love that comes from being a member the LDS Church. I've seen it change lives, lift spirits, and give hope to the hopeless! I've seen the Atonement erase pain felt through mistakes, misdoings, or hurts from others inflicted on them or dear ones to them. It is something that continually blesses, but never changes. God is always there, if only you will reach out your hand. He will pull you forth and guide you into a better tomorrow. You will transform before your very own eyes, and realize all of your potential and eternal worth in the eyes of our Heavenly Father as His Heavenly Children.

How I live my faith

It's like that quote by C.S. Lewis, "Don't shine so that others see you. Shine so that through you others can see Him." Each day I strive to have a continence that emulates what I feel inside when I think of our Savior; His sacrifice, love, forgiveness, and patience. I have learned so much by the faithful members in my ward, at school with teachers, friends and most of all, my family. Their testimonies help me to understand my own. I am built up by their examples, learning from their attributes that emulate Christ. My husband and I have been Gospel Doctrine teachers for 6 months now and I love the spirit that is felt preparing, teaching, and listening to the comments in that class. They have taught me so much! About myself, and living true to what we believe and being a light in such a cruel world. It is a calling that has molded us both for the better and we both are so grateful for our opportunity to grow. I try to live my faith each second of every day. Being patient with myself if I don't do as well as I want some days, asking forgiveness from God, and trying again tomorrow. I believe in treating everyone with empathy. Seeking to understand, not to be understood. Learning as much from what you do right, as what you do not quite as right. I love living my faith each day because it gives me strength to do what I never knew could be possible.