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Hi I'm Dave

I Grew up in the Bay area of California and have been a Fireman for 26 years and am a Mormon

About Me

Growing up in the bay area of california I spent a lot of time in the redwood forests and in the waters of both the bay of San Francisco and the pacific ocean , I learned to appreciate the animal life that is there so abundantly. As I grew up I learned that I was fascinated with the Human body and all that it could do , especially interested in the systems and organs that allow it to function and provide us with "life" this eventually led me to a career in the Emergency medical services as a Fireman where I have had the great opportunity to serve my community by protecting my neighbors lives and property . All around Me I have watched people chasing happiness as they suppose, never realizing until I was older just how much happiness and fulfillment I had , and this in large part because of simply being involved in the lives of My Children helping there fellow team mates by serving in coaching and mentoring opportunities. Truely the more you reach out to others , the more you help others , the better life is and the more pure joy and happiness I have experienced.

Why I am a Mormon

I Grew up in the "mormon" church many of my ancestors were instrumental in helping the early church , as a young boy growing up in California I was aware that most people had no clue as to what a "mormon" was and simply thought I was weird for not participating in the drug's and sex that made up so much of there lives , I had many an occasion to share what I had been taught which was to respect my body to nourish it well and to take care of it also teaching that it wasnt wrong to participate in sex but that there was a proper time and way to do so , that it was a very bonding part of marriage and family. I am so grateful to have parents who listened to living Prophets and taught these important principles to me, also teaching me how to gain my own testimony through prayer and faith in the Lord , first that He lives .second that He knows and loves me . third that He will answer personal prayer . Personal prayer ....the opportunity to converse with my Father in Heaven that He is always there . Marvelous ! Wonderful! Just to have a testimony a knowledge within Me that that is true . in this silly world where so many are so lost and do not know where to turn or what to believe ....to be able to turn to our God and have a personal witness that He is there and He does answer prayer . I often ask my self how could I survive in this world without this testimony , without this sure knowledge of His love I am so grateful for having been taught in my youth by my parents a better way , a knowing way And I would bear you my testimony that I know God lives and that Jesus is His son our redeemer whom I love in His name Jesus Christ amen.

How I live my faith

I had the opportunity to serve a 2 year mission to the southern united states , coming home from this I was put almost immediately into the Boy Scouts of America program and spent a lot of time working with the youth , teaching them the principles that they would need as they grew up and entered the world , trying my best to lift up the kids who felt like they would never amount to much , sometimes having to find the smallest of things that I could praise a particular Boy about ....but then seeing the light in His eyes as He realized He had value and could learn to do hard things .....working to get them to realize within themselves that they had value . Wonderful times , Here on the block that I live I have a neighbor that has a little more land than most and this Older Lady had asked help of the Scouts in caring for Her yard and at first it was just that ,mowing Her yard , after a while though She began to talk about how grand it had been when it was all in garden with Fruits and Vegetables and She wondered if it could be once again , asking around to some of the other families on the block I organized small plots provided irrigation water and many of the Older Neighbors provided the information we lacked on how to grow plants. Soon we had delicious fruits and vegetables (we also had many failures ) but the successes more than made up for it . The friendships that delevoped alone were worth all the trouble but to see the Joy in the eyes of this Woman as She walked about the garden was priceless.