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Hi I'm Justin

I'm a reader, I'm a missionary and I'm a mormon from Las Vegas!

About Me

I was born on July 21, 1995. My father isn't a member of this church but my mother is, even though she fell away from it when she was about 14. For almost 5 years both mom and dad raised me then they divorced. My mom and I moved to Mesa Arizona where she tried to raise me on her own. I was there for two years and during that time my mom started doing questionable things that lead to her not being able to take care of me. My moms mom, my grandma came to visit me for my 7th birthday and on that day my grandma talked to my mom and they both agreed that I should go and live with grandma in Las Vegas and so the next day I left Mesa and moved to Las Vegas and that October my grandma became my legal guardian. Because of this experience I promised myself that I would stay away from drugs and alcohol and I have lived up to that promise and I continue to do so. I was born with stutter and as a cause of that I was bullied a lot at school but because of the gospel now in my life I was able to not let the teasing get to me. I love to read, I am a big reader, mostly Fantasy Fiction and History, and books by John Grishum (books about lawyers). And of course we can't forget about the Bible and the Book of Mormon. When you first meet me I'm a little shy but I've worked to overcome that and when you get to know me, that's when the fun happens. In case you're interested, I have a good relationship with my mom, and I plan on reconnecting with my dad.

Why I am a Mormon

My grandma (the one how raised me from age 7 on) found the church in college from a roommate, shenwas baptized, got married and raised all 4 of her kids in thr church. Her second child, my mother took her own path and didn't practice the churchs teachings for a while, it was during that time of her life when she had me. Growing up with my mom, she didn't take me to church, it wasn't until my grandma started to raise me that I learned about the church and it's teachings. I was baptized at age 8 by one of my uncles. The answer to why I'm a Mormon is a simple but true one. I have learned for myself by reading the Book of Mormon and living the Mormon lfe style that this is the true church of Jesus Christ and that coming closer to Him brings blessings.

How I live my faith

In school, I did my best to be an example, while everyone was duing what was "cool" ie, smoking, swearing ect.... I was the outcast, meaning, I was one of the only ones not doing that stuff. I guess in school I lived my faith by example, I wasn't perfect but I did my best. Currently I am serving a mission in the Fort Collins Colorado area, I am here between 2014 and 2016. What I am doing now is inviting people I meet to hear a message of Jesus Christ and share with them the happiness I now enjoy.