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Hi I'm Frank

I grew up in the salt lake valley, I'm a missionary, I have a world in my head, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Well, I'm kind of that guy. Not the irritating one who steals your pen, your fries, or your dignity, no, I'm that guy who had the sketchbook that you'd look into and wonder what was going on. My name is Frank. The name really doesn't say it all. No matter how much I wish it did. But that doesn't matter, because my demeanor does. I'm an energetic, eccentric, pretty out there kind of guy, and overall, I just want to make the world a better place. I want to be an animator "when I grow up" but I guess that if I want to keep that course, "growing up" might not be the best idea, seeing as I have this youthful love for cartoons. And animated movies, and series, and superheroes, and other animated and drawn things... I'm trying to get to the part where I get to help make the superheroes and graphic novels, and maybe one day movies or tv shows, but for now, I burry my nose and pencil in sketchbooks. It's kind of nice to see an idea in your head stand up and say hi. One of those things that sticks around with my talent for art is my hobby for guns. I draw them sure, cuz hey, you got a story about guys who fight evil, they are gonna be there. But I also like shooting them. I've yet to hunt, but I think target shooting is pretty darn fun, and surprisingly therapeutic. Who knew that a big hunk of metal and wood could be so much fun? Don't be shy now, I'd love to get to know you! Feel free to drop me a line here!

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? Why? Why not! Sure, I was born into the church, but I've chosen to stay. I chose to stay because here, god is so much more than just god. He is our teacher, he is our father, and he and his servants affect every aspect of our lives. All the righteous joy we are to feel in this life, is only a portion of the same joy he wants us to feel, only a portion of what he feels. I think it's utterly amazing that he wants nothing less than our eternal joy, and wants us to feel nothing less than all the infinite love he has for us. If you wanted me tell you this long conversion story about someone bearing a testimony or an angel appearing or some other incredible event that caused me to dramatically change my course and become an upstanding individual in the church, you wouldn't get one. I don't have one. I don't know why, but so far, I like to say that it's still happening. I know that the moment in time will still come but as to when- I still have yet to know. So far though, my testimony lies in the fact that somewhere, deep inside me, there is an unquenchable flicker of light. Some little flame like a candle, that never goes out. No matter what I put it through. It always lights right back up. Somewhere along the line, I decided that maybe I should give it a bit of kindling through prayer. Maybe a little bit of air through reading the scriptures. Maybe just a little more effort on my part. Now I'm a missionary, I'm putting forth more effort to kindle the spark than ever before. And I'll be honest, it's worked. It's no bonfire yet, but I can feel the warmth gods love gives me, and it's getting harder and harder with every step I take to deny that it's there.

How I live my faith

Well, for one, I'm a missionary. And I want to stay that way, even when my time on the field is up. I wasn't always the most comfortable with sharing my beliefs, I had a kind of "why should I bring it up" attitude, where I figured that hapless sharing of my faith was kind of... Pretentious. Then it changed when I started making connections between my talents and my beliefs. You see, I like creating things, whether it's characters, designs, stories, worlds, 3d models, animations, you name it. When I found out I could create through drawing, the parable of the talents made so much more sense to me. I mean, Heavenly Father likes making things; I like making things. Catch the connection? The ability to create is from he who created us. So why not take that gift and make with it? After all, every idea, every inkling of a want to make something real, every character who starts to think for themselves, every story that sprouts from your head, is directly from our father in heaven, our creator. It's beautiful, and honestly, it is why I am out here looking for people to share these glad tidings with, and maybe if it for them, tell them that there is a reason that weird little idea at the back of your head didn't leave when you ignored it, and there's a reason it starts doing things when you poke it with a stick. I kind of like to think that the way I feel sometimes about that little idea is pretty close to the way Heavenly Father feels about us, but hey, I couldn't give you a scripture that says so. Either way, it encourages me to come closer to Christ, so every second I spend doing it is a second well spent.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Have you ever looked in a mirror? Go and take a long, hard look. I dare you. Go now and look into that mirror and watch your every move, watch and look at the bold lines and shapes. Look at how you dress. How the colors compliment or clash with your countenance. Look at your face, and feel the shape. If you look hard enough, you start to see the work that went into you. I'm even willing to bet you start to look like a work of art. I like to think that there is a specific reason the bible says god sculpted Adam from clay. It seems kind of intimate to me. I've watched artists carefully craft people, animals, and things. They won't stop until what they see I the very essence of their idea. They take the utmost care and precision to ensure that no matter the style or appearance, there is a quintessential beauty and immaculate form behind their creation. They put their very heart, mind, body, and soul into their craft. I like to think of god the same way. I like to think that his gift to us is that part of the soul he poured into his work. I like to think that we are a reflection of our grand creator. That everything we see is evidence of his divine craftsmanship, and for his care and love of his creations. That he wrote, drew, planned, sculpted, organized, and created everything with us in mind, so that we could be within ourselves the divine product of careful, magnificent hands. This tells me of a grand father in heaven who loves us. This is why I love him too. Show more Show less