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Hi I'm Brooke Nielson

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas. I went to school at BYU- Hawaii. I'm serving a mission in the Boston mission. I'm a mormon.

About Me

Hi! My name is Brooke and I grew up in San Antonio, Texas. I pretty much lived there my whole life! My family raised me as an LDS member. Some people may say that because I have been raised with the church, I am biased and don't know any better. I can see how some may think that is true. This is not the case for me, however. I am a naturally deep thinker and I do not just accept things because that is what people tell me. I really have to research things out, ponder, and really sort out what is true. I took many advanced science courses and applied this thinking. Just as I used this thinking for academics, I also applied this thinking while deciding wether or not the church is true. I could not just rely on my parents' testimony; I had to know for myself. I read the whole Book of Mormon and I really considered different aspects of the church. I even considered other religions, and ways of thinking. I had to consider all options to really know if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church. I did as Joseph Smith did, and asked of God after I pondered it out in my mind. After I sincerely prayed about the validity of the church, I felt an undeniable assurance that the church is true! I never looked back ever since! The gospel is the most important aspect of my life! Other things in my life include: going to Africa, going to BYU-Hawaii, UVU, and now serving a mission! I love the church and know it is true with all of my heart!

Why I am a Mormon

I think that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints shares a beautiful message. It shows us that God still loves His children and gives us revelation in modern times. I think the restoration is beautiful! It is sometimes hard to believe that God would appear to a 14 year old boy and leave it to him to restore the his true church. However, at the same time, that is an amazing fact! That story is actually quite humbling and amazing! Out of all of the people God could have chosen to restore His church, He called a simple farm boy who had little education. This is testimony to me that God is no respecter of persons and loves all of his children equally! I love that revelation did not just stop with the Bible, and that God provided prophets for His children in other nations! Why would God only give revelation to one group of people? God is just and would give all of His children an opportunity to hear the gospel! I love that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints still has prophets and apostles on the Earth today; just as in Christ's time! There is baptism for the dead just as Paul preached about! Families can be forever and we are so blessed with so many restored truths! If you read the "About Me" section previously, you would know that I would not believe anything to be true without taking it to heart. I really did search out other theologies, religions, and ways of thinking. I prayed with all of might. I do not believe that God would leave me alone! I know He would tell me what is true! I did feel an undeniable feeling that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true!! It makes the most sense to me as well! The LDS church has so many components of Christ's original church that other denominations do not have. Plus, I just feel with my whole heart and being that this church is true! It is something I cannot deny! I believe it powerfully! Plus, I know it has to be true because of all the true joy that has come only by living this gospel.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by little things I do everyday. I really notice a difference of when I am close to the Spirit, versus when I am not. When I put my complete trust in God, I can face my trials and find gratitude in my circumstances. I even receive countless blessings by living as God wants me too. I have wanted to go on a mission ever since I was a little girl. I thought it would be an amazing experience to touch the lives of other people and share the message of the true restoration. However, I had some trials since I received my call. I felt as if satan was doing everything in his power to stop me. I felt worried and I doubted myself. I even wondered if I should go on a mission at times. Luckily, Heavenly Father is amazing and always has our best interests at heart! God knows me and was aware of my needs. It is when I put my full faith in Him, that things began to change. One day as I was taking the sacrament, I felt a strong prompting that I am suppose to go on my mission and that I need to go through the temple. I also felt that God has a work for me and that I should not doubt Him. Ever since that realization, I have put my whole faith and trust in God. An amazing transformation occurred as I learned to live by faith. Yes, I do still have doubts and fears. However, I know it will all be okay when I am close to the Spirit and have faith in Christ. Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles! I know that as soon I as started to live my life in accordance with God's will, that I became more confident. You cannot live the gospel half-heartedly, you have to put your whole heart into it. I know it seems hard, but it so worth the blessings/strength you get. I live my faith by reading my scriptures, praying everyday, going to church, and all the little things. I think the biggest thing is that when you live with complete faith in Christ, your everyday actions and demeanor will touch the lives of other people and bring them to Christ as well.