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Hi I'm Gene Taylor

I design and build waste-to-energy systems. I live in California and develop projects in the USA and in Mexico. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I went to high school in Huntington Beach, California. Few people know that I didn't lear to read until Sophomore year, due to a combination of learning disabilities, (dyslexia, etc.). However, partly because my brain works a bit differently, I do have special gifts that enable my understanding of very complex systems. For example, I pestered my father to help me build a little test-tube size coal gasifier -- in second grade. By sixth grade, I had already done all the standard stuff -- built a crystal radio, made electric motor, and won the science fair with an electric rail gun; I built an alcohol fermentation & distillation system; but while sampling my product, somehow I burnt down my "club house" constructed over my pigeon coop. Its not surprising that, for a career, I ended up focusing on R&D in the field energy conversion and renewable fuels development. My hobby has always been to answer the question, "How does it work?" I have always been interested in understanding how various complex systems operate, especially, life, the universe, and everything related to the larger questions of our existence. What is man? Who am I. Is there a purpose? Is there meaning? Pondering these issues in my youth, it became clear that both "matter" and "intelligence" are eternal in nature. Einstein's famous equation E=mc2 shows that matter & energy are interchangeable. I conclud that "intelligence" is another substance; and complex systems require "intelligence" to come into being.

Why I am a Mormon

I would say I've always been a thoughtful fellow. My father was a scientist who did not believe in things that are unmeasurable. He believed that upon death his conscious ceased to exist. (No personal responsibility after death.) My mother was raised in the Quaker tradition, but I would say that she evolved into a Buddhist. She believed her consciousness would become part of a whole, like a drop of water joins the ocean. (Also no responsibility.) My concern was always different; what if my soul were to continue on for time and all eternity? What responsibility do I have to guide my soul through the eternities? If my father or my mother world-view is true, then there's no problem. But I have concluded that the intelligence of man (and all living creatures) is eternal in nature. Therefore, I have the responsibility to search for truth, and find the greater light & knowledge available to man. The truth of Mormonism came to me as a result of searching. When the Hare Krishna at the airport gave me the Bhagavad Gita, I read it. When a girl I was dating in college gave me the Book of Mormon I read it. When I read the Joseph Smith history -- I felt something. After many years of living the religion, studying the history, and especially the doctrine, I have come to discover many deep and significant mysteries that disclose the workings of this universe; I claim in all sincerity to have a personal relationship with that great intelligence that has caused matter to be organized. Joseph Smith is that great latter day prophet foretold in the ancient records of the human race. Now, in later life, my goal is to become a Zion person, to be of one heart and one mind with the decent people. The LDS Church, as an institution, is not perfect; nor are the people whose names fill the records. Nevertheless, the Church provides necessary keys and authority needed to enter into the mysteries of Godliness. In sum, the Church is populated with good people who are trying to be better.

How I live my faith

My faith informs my world view. In general, my objective is to be kind, just, and merciful, in all my dealings. I'm not a prude; I grew up outside the Church, and consequently, I've seen and done much that opens my heart and mind to be sensitive to others in their path and progression. Very simply, I try to help. Typically, I'm looking for opportunities to do a good turn; to offer cool water to a person who might need a drink. To provide "a warm heart and a willing hand," as Joseph Smith would say. What I seek is the spirit of discernment, so as to be able to determine for my self when a subject or doctrine is true or false. Of course I listen to the general authorities of Church, and try to follow their wisdom; but even more important, in my opinion, is the ability for an individual to receive divine communication; guidance from the unseen world. I love to read the words of the ancient prophets. Isaiah seems pretty clear to me after reading it backwards and forwards a few time, using different english translations; not the exact timing; or the exact players; not yet. I'm not a biblical scholar. My understand of Isaiah has largely been informed by Avarham Gileadi. I read Hugh Nibley to help open my understanding of just about everything else, both ancient and modern. There is a certain spirit of intelligence that can be "felt" (discerned) when reading materials that are true. For example, when I read Joseph Smith or Brigham Young I can generally feel the spirit of truth and wisdom that is present in the message. Its like a tuning fork that hums at the same frequency. Regarding the future, I rely on scriptural knowledge available to "see" events that are yet forthcoming. For example, I look forward to advent of another great latter day prophet -- the servant of the Lord -- who will deliver the remnant (the survivors) from bondage. I look with some dread to the future, considering the present state of humanity, because mean people dominate in may spheres.