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Hi I'm James

I love to read, study, and learn. Trekking to the top of a mountain is a favorite pastime. I'm a bioengineer. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a small town in eastern Utah. School, basketball, Boy Scouts, and a couple of great adult role models kept me out of trouble through the teen years until I eventually decided to become who I was meant to be. Nine years after high school, I completed my post-secondary education with a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from BYU and a MS in Bioengineering from the University of Utah. Shortly after that my wife and I welcomed our first miracle baby into the world. We eventually convinced two more children to join our family. Now that first baby girl is a beautiful 15-year old young lady. And her sister and brother are growing up a little too fast for our liking. I love trekking to the top of a mountain. I've been blessed to stand atop Kilimanjaro in Africa, Macchu Picchu in Peru, several peaks in the Wasatch and Uintah Mountains of the western United States, and the beautiful Annapurna Sanctuary of Nepal. There's something about the challenge of the ascent, the perspective on life from higher ground, and the serenity and majesty of God's creations that calls to my soul. I've also recently discovered a new passion for learning. Shortly after my formal education, I launched a product development company specializing in design and development of medical devices. It became apparent rather quickly that though I was highly trained, I was poorly educated--highly skilled, but lacking basic cultural literacy. I've been on a quest to fill that gap ever since.

Why I am a Mormon

I can't look back over my life and point to any single event that before I wasn't sure I believed and after I no longer had doubt. My testimony has slowly grown stronger and stronger over time, much like dew forming on the morning grass. From an early age I remember reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Something inside me felt that that was a good thing to do. Eventually, I served a two-year proselyting mission among the people of Chile. I had questions then, just as I have questions now. But when I asked and pondered then, quiet, reassuring answers came, just as they do now. When I open the Book of Mormon, I feel the power of those words. They are the words of true prophets of God. They recorded their experiences for our benefit. What a loss if we choose not to open our minds and hearts and read. The more I learn about Joseph Smith, the more sure I become of his prophetic calling. In the short span of roughly 20 years, I am astounded at all that he accomplished--from translating the Book of Mormon, organizing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sending missionaries with the message of the Restoration to countries throughout the world, building a thriving city out of a swamp, recording revelation upon revelation for the world to read and compiling it in the Doctrine and Covenants, correcting errors lost in the Bible, building temples, and the list could go on--all while facing constant persecution from lawless mobs and harassment from spurious legal charges. How an obscure farm boy from upstate New York could garner such attention is evidence of his divine calling. Following his martyrdom, other prophets have been called in succession until today. Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet of God today. I have also come to know and feel that Jesus Christ is my Savior. He suffered and died to atone for the sins of all mankind that we might one day be brought back to live with our Heavenly Father again. These things I know to be true.

How I live my faith

I currently serve as the bishop in my local neighborhood ward. It is such a comfort to live among and serve alongside such faithful, dedicated members of the church. There are so many kind acts of service that go quietly unnoticed, the right hand not wanting the left hand to know what it's doing. I daily strive to read the scriptures, pray, and ponder the principles and doctrines of the gospel. Though more than I care to admit, my actions don't always measure up to my good intentions. There is a power in the Book of Mormon unlike any other book I read--and I read a lot. Other great books inspire and teach me. But the Book of Mormon motivates me to want to be a better man, a better husband, a better father, a better friend. I'm most comfortable quietly going about doing good. The spotlight is not for me. I would much rather be found reading, being with family, and serving someone in need.