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Hi I'm Jason Gonzalez

Born a member in Caracas Venezuela.Lived in Denver for 9 years. Moved to Colorado Springs at 10. Have remained here 12 years now.

About Me

I am one of three brothers, the second of the three to be born of my Mother and Father before they separated when I was 6. After remarrying 3 years later to my Step Father; he brought the 4 of us to live here in Colorado Springs. My Mother gave birth to my first Half-sister when I began High school. My Father and Step Mother had the 3 other of half-sisters, until my final half Brother was born 21 years into my life. Throughout my life I have been plagued by the medical disorders of my family and of mine own. My youngest Brother was born with autism, while I was diagnosed with Asperger early on in my life. I was later diagnosed with Epilepsy. After a brain surgery at the age of 17 I lost my left visual field an am completely blind in both eyes to my left. These may seem like personal details of my life, but these are the variables that have shaped me into the man I am, and are among the most important to know about me in order to understand who I am. Other than that I am an artist skilled in drawing and writing. My creativity and imagination define me along with my exceptional skill at understanding patterns within complex topics such as mathematics, psychology, and gospel doctrines. I love challenges, and love expanding my perspective on the major factors in life by finding the similarities between them. This is why my life revolves so much around the doctrines and principle of the church, because within them all things are relative and all things are connected.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born a member but realized very young how living righteously brought the most happiness into my life, and there is no better way to be righteous than by abiding by the laws and principles of the gospel and keeping the commandments and honoring our covenants. Learning the truths of the doctrines and teachings of the church has blessed my life immeasurably, recognizing these blessings are what strengthen my testimony and increase my desire to live the doctrines of the church. Why am I a Mormon? Because the truth lies in the teachings of the church and knowing the truth is the best way to abide by it, and abiding by the truth is what will enable me to secure my place in the celestial kingdom. I love being happy, and I am never more happy than when I can feel the spirit, and there is no other way of knowing the spirit than by knowing the truths of the church this is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I truly live my life by trying to remember what we live life for, why we are here where we come from and where we are going. staying focused on how abiding by standards and having morals do not bind us but give us direction, which allows us more freedom to choose what is s right and make best use of our free agency. This is what allows us to truly be in the word but not of the world. I always try to be happy with my lot in life having love for myself for those around me and most of all for the savior. I know love for the savior is to have love for others. There is no better way to do the things the savior asks than by trying to be like him. I live my faith by recognizing my faults instead of looking for fault in others, i never try to be myself I always try to be my best this way I am only bettering myself by ridding myself of my vices and improving my virtues. I always keep track of where I fall short not where I do best that way I can always know what things I need to work on most. My faith is best shown not in how I live my life but in how I better it.