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Hi I'm Adam

I love longboarding, riding motorcycles, camping, hiking, and bike riding. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Spending time outdoors is my favorite thing to do and I try to get outside and do something active everyday. I think that one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment is when you push yourself and succeed in doing something new. It was this mindset that got me into longboarding, hiking, and motorcycle riding. Hiking doesn't take an immense amount of talent to get into, but pushing yourself to get to the top can be very difficult sometimes. Riding motorcycles and longboarding do take skill and when I got into both of them I really had almost no idea what I was doing. The first time I longboarded it was on a board that wasn't mine, on a road that was completely flat. Still it was exhilarating going out at dusk and getting a feel for something that was entirely new to me. Today longboarding remains one of my favorite ways to spend time. When I bought my motorcycle it was very similar to when I first longboarded. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but it seemed fun and so I went ahead and got it. I quickly learned the basics of riding a motorcycle and have since formed some great memories riding.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the LDS or Mormon church so for a long time I knew nothing different in my life. I knew very little of what life was like outside of the church and I understood very little about other people. As I got older I learned more about the world and saw that my lifestyle was very different from the lifestyles of most everybody else in the world. I felt like I was being forced into living a very restricted life and that I couldn't participate in things that it seemed like everyone else was already. Because I felt this way I rebelled. I stopped going to church almost entirely and started doing things that I knew weren't right, but that I thought would fill the void left by no longer going to church. It made me unhappy. The lifestyle I was living was frustrating and I was constantly struggling to understand what I was supposed to do with my life. There were times when I was happy, but they seemed to disappear quickly as questions and doubts flooded my mind about what I was doing. Then one day I realized that I needed to change. Something needed to happen because I was unhappy with how my life was going. This led me to kneel down in prayer and ask for guidance. I knew the church and the joy that it brings to me is what I needed in my life. I began to read The Book of Mormon consistently and it provided much needed clarity to so many of the questions that were constantly on my mind. Today, now that I really understand for myself that the church is true I try to live in a way that emulates that example that Jesus Christ set for us while he was here. He constantly served others and was always kind and understanding towards people. Living righteously as a Latter Day Saint is not always easy, but I have learned that it is so much better than the alternatives.

How I live my faith

The first thing I try to do as a member of the LDS or Mormon church is serve others. I have never regretted serving anyone and for me serving others is always accompanied with a feeling of joy. Because I know how great service can be I have made a commitment to serve a two year mission to try and teach other people about the joy that they can experience by living this doctrine. I do believe that if everyone participated in at least one small act of service everyday we would be able to see so many more smiling faces and eliminate so many bad feelings between so many people. It is so easy to forgive and forget the mistakes or wrongdoings a person has done towards you if you serve them. Christ gave us this example while he was here teaching and I believe it is something that should never be forgotten.