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Hi I'm Donald Hughes

I'm a member of the church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. I was convert to the church,

About Me

Hello I'm a Husband,Father & Grandfather. I 'm a Husband with my wife Carolyn, with three grown children who are now have families of there own. I like to go camping as a family.I this present time I 'm not working. I did work at CVS Pharmacy for 32 yrs,.as a Shift Sup. in the store.We have one daughter here in town us and the other two children live in Idaho with the families.All of our children who now are adults have all been married in the Temple with there spouse. My wife and I have gone on 6 cruises with own group of friends in the church.We are very close to these set of friends our children grew up together.We have gone camping with these group of friends and there families for long time. We all would go to the coast together as families.

Why I am a Mormon

My wife and I moved to the state of Idaho. We moved for my job at that time. It was June of l977. The first day while moving into our house, we met the missionaries and a member of the church that was tracting with them. They asked if they could help us move in. We said, "Yes" of course! They also asked if they could come back and talk to us about the Church of Jesus Christ? We again said, "Yes". I had grown up as a Catholic and my wife as a very active Pentecostal. When we married we did so in the Baptist Church because neither side of our families wanted us to marry in each others churches. So you could say we were looking for something for our family. We took the discussion about the church and the experiences that Joseph Smith had. I believed the first time around. It took a bit longer for my wife. She had been active as a young girl and teenager in her church and had a lot of questions about different things, like, the prophet, work for the dead, temple covenants etc. When all the discussions were done we prayed about what we had learned, read a lot, and decided that this was what was right for us. We knew that what we had been taught was true and made so much more sense than what we had grown up knowing. We both felt that Heavenly Father was a loving and kind Father and that Jesus Christ was indeed our Savior and Redeemer. We both desired to be baptized and become members of the church. We were baptized on July 8, l977 in Rupert, Idaho. Our family has been truly blessed ever since we made this decision. We cannot even begin to describe the great love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us, and how grateful we are for those wonderful missionaires and members who helped us and supported us throughout the years. We truly have strong testimonies of the gospel and are so grateful for our blessings.

How I live my faith

I 'm now serving as Membership/Ward Clerk in the ward. I also serve as a Asst. Scoutmaster in the ward. I help with Boy Scouts in our ward.I go to church every Sunday,I also have temple recommend.When you have a recommend you are to live very faithful to Jesus Christ and the teachings.I get up every morning and take my grandson to seminary and then I read my scriptures and pray before I go do things that day.I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.I also love My Heavenly Father & his Son,Jesus Christ.I have faith in the Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ & the Holy Ghost.I 'm a home teacher in the High Priest. I visit 5 or 6 families every month with my grandson.I like to do service for the church & serve my fellow man in out of the church.

What is being a Mormon like?

Donald Hughes
The greatest blessing is to know our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves us. Jesus Christ is our Savior,he is a were of us.He knows us and will bless us. We need to have faith in him. We need to do our part in the church.We need to read our scriptures and pray.We need to endure to the end.We need to serve our fellow man and live the gospel. Show more Show less