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Hi I'm Beverley

I am single mum. I live with an invisible disability. I live in Bradford. I love family history and I am a Mormon

About Me

I live in Bradford and i finally an empty-nester, which means i no longer have children living at home. I raised my four children on my own, which was never my intention in the beginning, but they have all done very well for themselves and they make me very proud. I am a qualified nurse, but had to retire three years ago after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and chronic depression, which came about after the unexpected and devastating death of my niece, followed quickly by chest infection/pneumonia and then a fall down stairs. I now spend most days struggling to function. Even the simplest of every day tasks such as getting dressed or even cooking a meal can be beyond me. It is a case of if the pain from the Fibro doesn't stop me then the chronic fatigue will and often do. I call them together my invisible disability. However i have a great passion and love of family history. My sister and I have been working steadily with our ancestry for over 30 years. My sister, who although not a church member, has an uncanny way of finding the impossible. Since i retired i have a served at home, has a Family Search missionary, helping to teach others how to solve their own family history. Although my mission finished in December 2013 I continue to help others with their family history and recently i helped out at a family history day. Family history centers and specialists help members and none members alike at no charge.

Why I am a Mormon

I changed my religion when i was 14 years old. Up till then i had been a member of the Church of England. Although encouraged by my parents to be a 'good person' i was never taught about God at home, but i was at church. Six months after i started attending the Sunday school, which was run by 'the Mormons' they moved to a bigger building in the center of the town. When i was 14 i was still a child in my parents eyes and they took this opportunity to stop me from going to church, with the argument 'that i was too young, it was too far away and it was a phase i was going through and i would grow out of it'. After many arguments i conceded, but God did not. A few months later as i was looking out my bedroom window i saw the same person who had invited me in first place walk passed my house along with her family. They had obviously come back from church. I took down my Book of Mormon and knelt and asked God if the church was true to take me back to church? On the Wednesday evening whilst waiting for a bus to take me to a friend's house i saw two of the church missionaries at a nearby stand. There were two voices in my head; the one that said 'go talk to them' and the another one that said 'no, don't'. In the end i went over and asked where and when church was on Sunday. They told me and i walked away. They quickly realised that neither of them knew who i was and came over to me to ask me who i was and how i knew about the church. I was cagey about my answers for a very good reasons my parents didn't know what i was planning on doing. The following Sunday i was back in church. It took my parents another two years to allow me to be baptised, but in the end they did and i became an official member in December 1979 and have been an active member ever since. When the storms of life have threatened to drown me i have cried out in prayer and in time those prayers were answered, in the Lord's way at the right time.

How I live my faith

Although day to day life can be difficult at times it does not stop me from taking, whatever part the Lord wants me to do in his church. There are no paid clergy but yet no one is forgotten. Right now i am working within the children's organisation, which is called Primary. Primary is where children from the age of three to eleven can come together to share the fun of the gospel and build lasting friendships. The class that i teaches are six-eight years old and right now i think they should be ten in my class each week. Even young children are encouraged to take an active part within the Primary time; they are asked to give prayers, talks or read a scripture. Like every good children's group they need to be awards and these normally come in the form of sticker, but occasionally they are given candy or even cake. Birthday's are celebrated with the person whose birthday being stood at front, while the rest of us sing 'Happy Birthday' usually loudly but not always tunefully. The children are encouraged to join in with what is happening in the class and not all of that is quiet, but children are also taught how to sit still and be quiet, this we teach them is being reverent. As i now live on my own I make time each day in prayer and quiet scripture study. This allows me to replenish my Spirit even if the body remains dis-abled or maybe that should be unable? I now have my scriptures as an app on my mobile phone and every day for the last six months i have had my phone read me one chapter from the Old Testament, i am now in Deuteronomy and after studying and teaching from the scriptures in church for many years i am still learning new things. This has now become my bedtime read.