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Hi I'm Richard Daniel Carter

I was born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico. I am an Ultrasonographer, a French Horn Player and NMMI Alumnus. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I have had my years in which I was inactive in any Church, not to mention my Church of Birth. And, I paid the consequences of living a life "In and Of The World". I am a product of the public school system. I received a Music Scholarship to New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, for my skills on the French Horn. I went to Radiography School in Roswell, NM and, ultimately, became Registered in Radiologic Technology in 1992. I became a Father that same year and moved to Alamogordo, NM. In short order, I became a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (in OB/GYN - Obstetrics and Gynecology) with The American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography and spent the next 22 yrs. tirelessly serving the Patients who came to me. I gave everything I could give and even to the point in which illness, contracted in the Healthcare Facilities in which I was employed. That illness began on Thanksgiving Morning of 1999 and resulted in Disability of my Left Arm. I could not let it get me down since my Wife, at that time, was Pregnant with my now 14 yr. old Son. So, with Prayer and Determination, I recovered to again take care of Patients; particularly, the Pregnant Ladies and Families of my Community. I always viewed Pregnancy and the Ladies enduring it, with an Eternal Perspective; what they carried in their womb was "Of God", and, that it was my duty to Scan them with a heart and mind single to making sure the Unborn were in possession of all that they needed for the sake of Life.

Why I am a Mormon

It is my privilege to share my heartfelt Testimony with all who find this Profile worthy of study. I have been a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since Birth. I am my Parents' second Son; the First was the result of a Birth Accident that left him completely broken by Cerebral Palsy and me to stand as the Eldest Brother in The Family, as a result. It was difficult to live 45 yrs. with an Older Brother (the only one with the Bluest Eyes in our Family) who was unable to walk, talk or take care of any of the ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) without the hands of his Family there to help. Once I was Married and had children of my own, I came to realize that living a life with Family in which my Faith was most unwelcome, I decided to persevere and make the attempt to Activate myself again in my Faith; Inactivity became much to easy when married to a mate who had, by the choice of her Parents, had no Religious Teachings whatsoever. My first effort was to Prayerfully Read The Scriptures, starting with The Holy Bible and finishing with The Book of Mormon. By "Prayerful", I mean, that before I opened the cover of my Scriptures, I knelt and Prayed that I would be told if what I was reading was Truthful or Not, and, if there were deeper messages, pertaining to what I needed to do to bring my Faith into each and every member of my Family, I would be "Prompted" by the Power of The Holy Ghost. At no point during my readings did I feel any Promptings. But, after my eyes crossed the period, marking the end of The Book of Mormon, my bosom was fully enraptured by a feeling of happiness and love that I had never before felt in my life; a feeling that surpassed the feelings of love that came when I was Married, when my Wife and I made and delivered our Children; it was a sense that nothing Earthly has ever duplicated. That was the "Defining Moment" when I knew the Truth. I will never deny its truth. In the Sacred and Beloved Name of Jesus Christ. Amen

How I live my faith

Presently, I am an Honorable Holder of The Melchizedek Priesthood (aka: The Holy Priesthood After The Order Of The Son Of God). I am a Full Tithe Payer to my Church. I righteously and obediently live by the Commandments; not just the "10", but all of the Commandments given to us by The Lord. I carry the Authority of a "Calling" at Church; unpaid. In my Calling, I have the Blessed opportunity to frequently stand before my Congregation and offer my Testimony of the great blessings that I enjoy righteously. And, it is my strong desire that all of the rest of my Human Family be able to thoroughly enjoy the same Blessings that I enjoy. I go, weekly, with the Missionaries on there Lessons and have the further opportunity to share my Testimony with those who are curiously investigating The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am presently Engaged to a Woman who, like me, was born and raised in this Church. Her righteous example is one that inspired and motivated me to refrain from my "worldly life" and set goals to earn her heart through my own choices that emulated hers; those of righteousness and obedience to the Teachings of Our Lord. And, as a result, I will be Immigrating to The Philippines to enter into Temple Marriage in The Cebu City Temple with her. This great Blessing will keep my Her and our Children Eternally Sealed after our Earthly Lives have come to their end. I live in near constant Prayer and Thankfulness, cultivating a most loving "Attitude of Gratitude" for all that God Our Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, have done for us all.