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Hi I'm Hunter Mason

I grew up in New England. I wrote a novel treating the potential of humanity. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Since I was born, I have lived in New England, but I have also traveled all across the country. While I marvel at the beauty and wonder of the various parts of the United States, my heart belongs to the land of my nativity with its rich history and beauty. I am one of five siblings, the second oldest with an elder sister, a younger sister, and two younger brothers. I've attended the public schools of my town, and I found a passion in learning from a young age. I hated reading until I found its joy in a profound story to which I could relate, and since then the written word has been my fascination. In considering how I want to change the world and inspire good in people, writing has been one of my foremost considerations. To such an end, I wrote a historical fiction novel about heroism and overcoming its opposite, cowardice, set in the time of the Second World War. I captained the varsity fencing team of my high school, and I was president of my school's student leadership, during which service I became interested in the idea of leading and affecting positive change through policy. I will serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, after which I will attend college majoring in political science. I hope to continue my education as long as possible. Yet uncertain of the career I will pursue, I hope to find one through which I will be able to provide aid and give hope to as many people as possible.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as the son of two members of the Church, and there was little reason to doubt the truth which they taught me. Nevertheless, my parents encouraged me from a young age to search for the truth myself, telling me that I would not always be able to borrow their belief. When I was mature enough to understand what they meant and their concerns for my personal spirituality, I determined to study the teachings of this Church which I had grown up in all my life and then follow the counsel of its leaders and ask God for a witness of its truth. The day I knelt before God is still clear in my memory, and as I asked aloud to know the truth of the teachings which I had learned since my youth, the most marvelous feeling of peace and joy came over me to the banishing of all my doubt and fear. A warmth and calm coursed through my body, and I knew that such a manifestation was of God, for never before had I received such a peace in learning from a human being. I thanked God for His mercy in communicating this truth to me, and since that day, the conviction that the way I have been taught to live is the way to eternal happiness has grown. When I first received a witness, it inspired me to live more diligently the commandments which I had given, and as I did so, the surety of my witness grew within me. In a circle of growth, this pattern has continued throughout my life as I have felt the peace and joy of serving all people, keeping the commandments of God, being a member of the restored Church, and testifying of its truth so that others might feel this same joy and fulfillment. So powerfully has this truth filled my life that I would share it with everyone who will listen, because it is to me a pearl of great price and a blessing beyond my ability to measure.

How I live my faith

I serve as a priest in my local unit, and as such I have responsibilities to teach, expound, exhort, and invite all to come unto Christ. I help remind members of the Church of their commitments to God. I serve as a home teacher, going into the homes of several families and sharing messages from the ling prophets and encouraging them to draw closer to God. I am also a family history consultant, working in the local family history center where vast research resources are available to the Church membership and the public. I assist in research and recording genealogy and discovering the names and stories of ancestors. With my youth group, I participate in many service projects in the community, seeking those in need and providing what service they may require. Daily, I seek opportunities to serve and uplift others in any way they may require, following the example of Jesus Christ. I prepare lessons for spiritual classes, speak regularly before the congregation, and testify of the truth in the hope that others may find the joy of living such truth.

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

Hunter Mason
God has an eternal perspective of all His children that have ever lived on the Earth. He loves them all and has prepared a way by which all of them will have the same opportunity for salvation should they choose it despite the saving message of Jesus Christ's gospel being unavailable at certain places and times in the Earth's history. In this day, when the fullness of the gospel is available to the human family, those who have it and the proper authority to administer required ordinances for salvation, also receive a responsibility to search out their ancestors who lived at times when this message was not known. In the temple, ordinances essential on the path to eternal life are administered for and in behalf of those who are dead so that they may yet choose to accept the gospel, live its principles, and receive the blessings of ordinances which they cannot receive for themselves without a physical body. Jesus Christ Himself taught the essential nature of the ordinance of baptism, and so God has made this saving ordinance available to the dead who did not have the opportunity or knowledge in mortality to accept such an ordinance. Thus in mercy and wisdom, all of God's children will yet have the chance to taste of the fruits of baptism and embarking on the road eternal life and happiness. Show more Show less