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Hi I'm Ryan Colby

I'm a student at BYU. I grew up in Taylorsville, Utah. I love to run, swim, and play the drums. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently a freshman at Brigham Young University. I am studying to follow in the footsteps of my father and become a doctor. I enjoy spending time with friends, listening to great music, running, swimming, and spending time outdoors. My immediate goal is to be successful through my first year of college, and then head out as a missionary during the Summer. I hope to spread the Gospel that has brought me so much joy in life. The Gospel was introduced to me in a home with loving parents, and two wonderful sisters. I absolutely love to spend time with my family. They are what I consider to be one of the greatest blessings I have in my life. My father taught me the importance of working hard, and not giving up when it gets hard. My mother taught me to rely on others, and to work as a team to accomplish my goals. My two sisters taught me how to give proper respect to others, and have been a constant source of encouragement through my life. My family has supported me while I was on the high school cross country, swim, and track teams. I grew to love these two sports. They've shown me that with enough hard work, we will be able to obtain a massive reward. Above all, I love my savior Jesus Christ and my Father in Heaven. I know that they will always guide me through my life, and be there whenever I need them.

Why I am a Mormon

Like many others in our church, I was originally a Mormon because my parents were. I grew up going to church because my parents took me. For a long time, I thought it was just something expected of me. It felt like a chore that I would do every week. These feelings progressed with me into my early teen years. I realized when I was about 13 that I didn't know for myself if the church was true. I simply was a Mormon because my parents were. I knew that what I was doing felt right, but I didn't really know that it was true. When I was 15 years old, I was faced with a difficult trial in my life. I won't go into detail about what that particular trial was, but it did put me in a situation where I had to really put my trust in the Lord that he would help me work through it. I paid more attention to what I said in my prayers, and focused more on how I felt when I read the scriptures and went to church. I felt the spirit strongly testify to me that the church was true, and that Jesus Christ would help me get through my trial. With renewed strength, I was able to get through my trial, and I realized for myself that there was a Father in Heaven and a Savior Jesus Christ who both loved me. I am a Mormon because I know the Book of Mormon and the teachings of our modern day prophets are true. I know that they will never lead us astray, and that I can count on their teaching to light and guide my way through this life. The Mormon church has brought me an unbelievable amount of happiness in my life. I know that I can always count on the members of my church to help me through difficult times when I ask for help. I know that by attending church I will be able to feel the spirit, and grow even closer to my Father in Heaven. I also feel a greater love for all of the people living on this earth, no matter their circumstance. I believe that by following the teachings of the church, I will be able to return to live with my Father in Heaven and family again.

How I live my faith

I think the biggest way I live my faith is through service. When I was young, my father would always wake up early on snowy mornings, and clear everyones driveway in our circle from snow. He would wake up early on Sunday mornings to go to church early and set up chairs, knowing that few (if any) people would be there to help him. He and my mother made meals for families who had just brought a new baby into their home. He would mow the lawn of our elderly neighbors as well as the lawn of a single mother in our ward. I knew all of this was tiring on my father, who already had plenty of time taken up by work. When I was about 7 years old, I asked him why he wasted so much time on others when he could be relaxing from his work day. He simply told me that he wasn't wasting his time, he was trying to be more like Jesus Christ. I didn't understand what he meant by this at the time, but now I know what he was trying to do. He's been an inspiration of service to me. Now that I know what my Savior Jesus Christ has done for me, I do my best to serve him by serving others. I follow the example that Christ and my father have set for me, by trying to put others needs before my own. Even now that I have moved out of the house, I still understand the importance of serving others without the prodding from my parents. I offer to give priesthood blessings to members of my singles ward. I try to help others study. I will always volunteer to serve when the my Bishop asks of it. I know that by doing so, I am doing what Christ and my Father in Heaven want me to do. I feel closer to them, and feel the love Christ has for everyone on this earth when I serve. I know that any act of service, be it big or small, will bring a smile across my Saviors face. I know that I will grow closer to him by doing it.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Ryan Colby
No. Since I was young, I was taught to "love one another". Never once was it specified that this should only apply to people of the same church as I'm in. We are all God's children on this earth, and we are all in need of help to get through this life. When I was taught to love one another, I was being taught to love every human on this earth regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, or any other aspect in a persons life. The Mormon church often teaches about the importance of service, and how our lives will be blessed by it. It doesn't matter who or where you serve, what matters is that you help your fellow human being. I have made it a goal in my life to look for opportunities to serve someone each and every day. No matter how simple or small the act of service may be, I am always trying to do something for others. I want people to know that they can come to me and ask for help with whatever they might need. I also give 10% of my income to the church in the form of tithing. I never know exactly where this money will go, but I know the church donates money to many people who are needing aid, be it Mormon or Non-Mormon. I know that the leaders of the church set out to give aid to every person they possibly can, and I have set out to do the same by giving service to all that I meet. Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Ryan Colby
Yes. In the scriptures, we see many accounts of prophets guiding the church and leading the people in righteousness. These prophets acted as a guide for the people of earth, and to help establish and maintain his church. In today's world, it is still critically important for a man to receive revelation and guide the church. As of the time I'm writing this, Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of our church. He is our beloved leader, and gives us direction as how to live our lives as God the Father and our Savior Jesus Christ would like us to. He receives revelation from our Father in Heaven to help guide us through what can be difficult times. He loves and cares for every person on this earth, and wants us to be happy. Through his guidance and by following his teachings, I feel that I have grown closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. This has brought me tremendous amounts of joy in my life. I am so grateful for all that he does for us. I love to hear his inspiring words through talks or First Presidency messages. I am always able to learn from them and receive guidance of how I can be living my life in a way that would bring me closer to my Savior, and bring me more happiness. The prophet today is so important to Mormons. God will continue to send us prophets, as we will continually need guidance through our lives. I know that the prophets are called of God, and will never lead our church astray. Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Ryan Colby
Families are a wonderful way in which we can learn and grow. The family is a unit of people that are forever tied together. Children can learn from their parents as they prepare to enter the world by themselves. The family will teach them how to be successful, and help them through their trials. Families will share their happiness and sorrows. Families can serve each other, and can bring wonderful happiness to them. Each member of the family is important, and has something unique to give to the family. Families may often have difficulties with each other, but if they continue to serve each other with love and understanding, they will be able to resolve issues and the family will become closer to God. Love is an important part of a family. The love I have felt in my family pushes me to keep going in life and to be the best person I can be. The family can bring numerous blessings into our lives. We can't choose the circumstances our family is brought into, but we can choose to stick together and love each other. By doing this, we are blessed and feel happiness with our families. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Ryan Colby
There are many reasons as to why missionaries proselyte. The first and most important reason is that Jesus taught his disciples to go out and teach to all nations. As his followers, we want to obey this same commandment and teach to the rest of the world about this wonderful gospel. However, there are many more reasons why missionaries will go out and teach to all who are willing to listen. Personally, I want to go on a mission not only because it has been commanded of me, but also because I want my brothers and sisters of earth to feel the same happiness that this gospel and church has brought me. I know that it has brought me peace, and blessed my life in so many ways. I want to go out and teach others of these truths so that they have the same opportunity to be blessed and to receive the same happiness I have. I also know that by going on a mission, I will be able to feel closer to God and my Savior Jesus Christ as I do what they want me to do. I will also be able to learn and grow from my mission. I will be able to learn more about the beautiful gospel as I teach it to others. I know that many missionaries feel the same way as I do. Missionaries teach out of love. They teach out of love for our Father in Heaven, love for the Savior, and love for all of their brothers and sisters that they have on this earth. Show more Show less