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Hi I'm Dennis Chapman

i am a soccer player, a wrestler and i am Ukrainian and i am a Mormon

About Me

So i was born in Moldova and i lived most of my life in Ukraine since i was 6 months old until about 11 with 2 sisters and one brother. My older brother and sister are twins and my younger sister was born on my birthday . At the age of 7 my parents gave me away to an orphanage and that is where i spent most of my childhood not knowing anything about this religion or even ever hearing the word Mormon before. At the age of 11 a wonderful American family who wanted twins came to adopt all of us and take us away to a wonderful country of america where i have just been dreaming about living there and now my dream was coming true. As we became a part of a wonderful family i came to find out that we were not the only ones this family has adopted but they have adopted another 9 children from Russia making it a total of 23 kids in the family, since they had 10 of their own. Also another thing i found out about this family is that they are a part of this wonderful church and my parents had me take lessons with missionaries right away and 4 weeks later i was baptized into this church. Currently i am serving a full time mission in my homeland, Romania/Moldova mission.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because i know without a doubt that this church is true. i have prayed about it and i have received my answer at 3 in the morning while accepting an invitation from the missionaries to truly pray about what they have taught me and they promised me that if i pray with real intent having faith that i will receive an answer then the Lord will answer me. As i followed that invitation i received my answer and it was the clearest answer and the most peaceful feeling that this church truly was true and that Joseph Smith really was a Prophet called of god and that he truly did see God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ and that they did truly tell him to restore this church on the earth again. I will never forget this feeling and it was my testimony builder since at the beginning my testimony was weak and that was the day it started to grow and now i continue to strengthen it by doing the small things like reading the scriptures and saying my prayers.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by not just going to church and doing the little things, even though they are very important, but i try to really be like the savior and look for opportunities to serve others and show love no matter where i am at. In my life i have experienced a lot of hardships and through all those times i have always had the Lord help me through them, and so now i try and give back to others what the Lord has given me. Service is the best way that i live my faith because it dosent just make the people around me happy but it also makes me happy and as a member of the church happiness is the way that i feel God shows us His love.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Dennis Chapman
No not all Mormons are required to serve mission only worthy able young men are required but even then they have a freedom to choose what we like to call " free agency " but for the rest, it is a choice that they make on their own and no one makes them do it and there is absolutely no pressure either. They do it because they know that that is what the Lord wants them to do. A mission is not a requirement but it is a privilege that we get from our Father in Heaven who has found us worthy to be able to go and teach the Restored Gospel to the people in lands where they have not heard of the Gospel. Missionaries generally begin serving when they are from 18 to 19 years old. Many retired seniors, men, women, and married couples also serve missions. Missionaries serve from 18 months to 2 years. Missions are voluntary, and missionaries are not paid for their service. Missionaries come from around the world, and they serve wherever the Church calls them. While serving full-time, missionaries are official representatives of the Church. And when we get called on a mission it is not where the Prophet wants us to go but it is all done by revelation from God on where would this young man or woman be best at and where he/she is needed the most and where he/she would be able to reach people's hearts with the message the most Show more Show less