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Hi I'm Matthew

I'm from Parker, Colorado. I enjoy dancing, singing, playing instruments, and I'm in love with the sport of rugby! I am a Mormon!

About Me

I have seven stupendous siblings and two very loving, caring, and forgiving parents! My family is not too far away from a circus -- with moments of laughter, moments of stupidity (lots of those...), and even moments of pure brilliance. I live in a wonderful town, and I am so blessed for the circumstances I have been born into. I love music and I love playing instruments. I'm a band geek and I also enjoy playing the piano and singing for fun! I have so much fun participating in ballroom dance. I absolutely love being physically active and playing all sports -- but the one I love way more than any is rugby. I hate being at a standstill -- I love living a busy, "moving at warp-speed" kind of life. I am a firm believer that if you have the right attitude, you can turn any situation into a worthwhile experience. I have recently been called to serve in the Auckland New Zealand mission speaking Mandarin Chinese and I can't wait to serve God and share my testimony with all those I come into contact with there!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Mormon church, with parents who had very strong testimonies. To be honest, I kind of just went through the motions as a kid in the church. I was baptized when I was 8, and continued to stay active in the church. But when I was 14, things started to go downhill. To say the least, I had to know for myself if Jesus Christ really did what everyone said he did. Could he possibly "save" me from the things I have done wrong? Could he possibly take away my grief, sorrow and pain? Could I feel God's forgiveness for me? Let me just say, every trial that we go through in this life, big or small, was given to us so we can grow. We can either try to push through it on our own, or we can rely on the grace of Jesus Christ and allow the knowledge that he knows exactly how we've felt lift the pain off of our backs. One night, I decided to do the latter option and ever since then I have known without a doubt that Jesus Christ is my Savior. This experience and many others through personal study and prayer have strengthened my testimony of Christ. But why am I Mormon specifically? Well, before Jesus Christ left the earth, he commanded his apostles to go forth and preach the gospel to as many people as they possibly could. Persecutions arose, and within less than a century all apostles were killed. With the apostles gone, Christ's church could no longer exist without proper leadership and priesthood directions. For centuries, rather than seeking God's will, men sought power and riches and in turn ended up changing the church that Christ had originally established. The church needed to be restored, and it wasn't until 1820 that the time was right -- when a humble young man by the name of Joseph Smith was called by God to be a prophet and to restore the Church. He had a vision of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and they called him to restore the church. I have received a spiritual witness that this is true, and what greater witness can one receive than from God?

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith daily, whether I'm at home, school, or other activities. I am definitely not perfect, but I know that happiness comes from keeping God's commandments and doing what I know is right. I work everyday to become more like Jesus Christ, through the teachings and guidelines that His church gives. I am extremely proud to say that I have yet to say a swear word -- which is something that baffles some people! By being nice to everyone, having a good work ethic, and keeping high standards I have been able to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually throughout my high school experience! Recently I have been called to serve a two year mission. This is one of the greatest ways I can live my faith, by giving up two years of my life and serving God's children. I am beyond excited for this experience and cannot even comprehend what God has in store for me! This experience will allow me show my love for Jesus Christ, and all that He has done for me. What I'm giving up is nothing compared to what He did for each and everyone of us! I have the sacred responsibility to go on a mission and share with others the knowledge that I have of His church! This church has helped me overcome every trial and the testimony that I have gives me a greater perspective of this life! I have had the opportunity work over a lot of the youth in the church and little fills me with greater joy than seeing them grow spiritually, gain a knowledge for themselves that the church is true, and then go off and share what they know with their peers! This church means the world to me, and I do not know where I'd be without it -- but it would not be a joyful place! I am proud of who I am and I know what I can become in this life and in the life to come. I am happy with the choices I have made and I love growing more spiritually and I know I can do so as I have more experience!