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Hi I'm Brian

I'm a student at Brigham Young University. I love my family, science, plants, music, running, and life. I'm also a Mormon.

About Me

I remember the day clearly. I was walking home from school in seventh grade, and all of the sudden I saw a tree, and thought to myself "Wow! That's cool!". And ever since then it's been trees. Not cars, not technology, not sports--trees. Though particle physics comes in a close second, for me it's plants or bust. Currently I'm attending school to become a crop geneticist. I love plants, I love science, and there are more and more people who need to eat and less and less land from which to feed them. I can't wait to see what contribution I can make to the world this way. When I'm not thinking about plants, I also love to play the violin, work on the book I'm writing, and run. However most of all I love spending time with my family. Aside from my relationship with God, my family is the most important thing I have. They are my best friends, and my greatest support.

Why I am a Mormon

My grandfather recently passed away after struggling with Parkinson's Disease for years. Though I was sad when I heard he had passed, I was also hopeful--and when I felt myself feeling that way I was amazed. For so many people, the death of a family member can be a horrible experience. But it wasn't for me. I knew, and still know, that because of Christ there is life after death, and that because of restored priesthood ordinances in the Church, my family will still be my family in the life to come. That is why I am a Mormon; it creates sense out of my life, it enables me to become the best I can become, and it fills me with happiness that I cannot describe. I am a Mormon because I am convinced in my heart it is right. When I listen to the living prophet speak, and when I read from God's scriptures, I feel the Holy Ghost testify to me of their divinity. I feel that even stronger when I follow what they say. Their teachings make sense with what I feel should be right, and what I know will work. I am also a Mormon because I am convinced intellectually it is right. If there is anything my schooling has taught me, it is that things that are true appear to be more true the further you study them, while things that are false appear to be more false the further you study them. I have spent hundreds of hours studying the teachings of this Church, and there is nothing which I am more convinced of to be true. I am just getting old enough to see the long term affects of living the gospel and not living the gospel in the lives of those around me, and the added happiness it can give to an otherwise ordinary life is amazing to me. I would not give up my faith for anything--it has been the steadying rock in my life. I know that I am happiest when I am living as God would have me live, and I am convinced that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's church, and therefore is the best tool for helping me live that way.

How I live my faith

Living my faith is a two-fold process. Firstly, I fulfill my assignments, or callings, through the organization of the church. I do these because when I am asked by the leaders of the Church to do them, I believe the leaders are inspired by God to do so. In that way, I feel I am fulfilling what God would have me do in His Kingdom. Callings, or assignments, which I have filled include serving as a secretary for my local Bishop, and serving as the president of the 'quorum' (organizational group) of boys my age, where I planned faith building and fun activities and cared for their spiritual welfare. I currently serve as a "home teacher". As a home teacher, I am assigned a few families in my ward whom I am asked to check up on once a month and share a spiritually strengthening message with. Importantly, I am asked to be someone they can call when they need help with anything, spiritual or physical. I love home teaching because it means that everyone in the church has support from those around them. The second way I live my faith is by converting myself every day. My relationship with God is the most important thing I have. I know that at the end of every day I will lay down on my bed with a heart that is either closer to or further away from Him than the previous day. So every day, I strive to come closer to God. I read the scriptures for ten or more minutes every evening, I pray in the morning and at night, as well as before every meal, and I do my best to keep my heart responsive to the softening influence of the Holy Ghost. I believe I need both the organization of the Church, and the personal, heart changing aspect of it. Through the organization, I receive the blessings of the gospel, like having home teachers who can help me, or the opportunity to be sealed to my family so they will always be my family--even in the life to come. Through the deeply personal aspect of the church I become what I want to become, being changed through Christ every day.