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Hi I'm Amy

I was born and bred in Australia. I love sound. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in Australia with my older brother and two younger sisters by my parents, who were both born here, though my dad is Greek and my mum has Scottish heritage. My family is amazing and help me grow every day-usually without them even knowing it. I am CRAZY about music. I love film almost just as much. I have started a degree in music, majoring in classical flute performance, and plan to finish it in the near future. I am going to get a harmonium from India and I love sitting behind the french horns whenever I make the chance to see the orchestra. I think I have subconsciously become a collector of clothes, and generally gravitate to the ones that are a little strange because I enjoy seeing people make faces of ultimate confusion. I struggle to avoid using oxford commas. Climbing mountains and swimming in the ocean is something I want to be doing always. Nature is an incredibly inspiring phenomenon to me, and reminds me that the hand of God is always present in this world, if I could become a professional nature appreciator, I would. I am currently serving in the Alpine German-Speaking Mission, sehr schön! I love pizza. I love chocolate. I love haloumi.

Why I am a Mormon

I have noticed that in our society, sometimes the values and traits that our Saviour possesses-kindness, humility, charity and compassion-often are cast aside as unimportant or as traits that target you as weak and vulnerable. But I have seen and felt, that every time you act upon those virtues, you are always better off for it and often times, so is someone else. This gospel is one of simplicity and it is one of love. If we embody this love that Christ has for us in everything we do, we will have endeavour to achieve all that the Lord has prepared us to do in this life, and we will affect all those we come into contact with. And personally, I can't think of a more amazing feeling, than knowing that every person I talk to, I tried to leave them with small slice of that love, so that they may feel it in fullness for themselves. This gospel is one of constant progression. Because of my faith in this gospel, I can align myself with the doctrine and principles I have learnt, and continually move forward from the mistakes I have made. Always learning and steadfastly growing. I have seen the hand of God touch my life and have felt a love, one that is unique and specific to me, and I have a perfect knowledge that he has that unique love for each and every one of us and wants us to return to Him.

How I live my faith

I think the best way to live my faith is by example. I have been brought up as many probably have on the premise that actions speak louder than words. I know by experience, that if you are not LIVING your faith, it doesn't hold out strong for you as it needs nurturing through action. Showing people you love them is such an important thing to me. It is through love that people are touched and see your faith, they both are cultivated in your heart. With service being an act of love, I'm so grateful that we are given so many opportunities in this gospel to serve those we attend church with, as well as those who haven't come to know the gospel yet. I have been serving as a nursery / sunbeam's teacher with my mum for the last year and a half. The blessing that calling was to me was beyond anything I could have comprehended, I formed the strongest relationship with my mum and learnt to cherish children as the pure spirits that we all began on this earth as. It is so important to reach out to our fellow women and men. "Do unto others as you would have others do to you." The golden rule. It's important to me that as well as abstaining from doing hurtful things to people, we actually DO good things for people as often as we can. My faith is based on Jesus Christ, and I am trying to learn how to obtain the qualities that he has so that I can more fully be a not only a spokesperson, but an 'actsperson' for my faith.