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Hi I'm Cameron Herman

My names cameron I was born and raised in Southend On Sea Essex and i'm a mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in Southend On Sea, Essex. Its not like the picture you have in your mind honest; its not that bad. I love to draw and paint so basically i like art, i find business and finance interesting and aspirational. I like to see how much i can get away with; which is not one of my good traits... I hope to grow out of that bad habit one day haha. I love to socialise even though at times i can be quite shy, it makes sense in my brain haha. Just an ordinary guy really. I am a son and one of five siblings, i am the oldest out of the five and i hate them all... Only joking i love them! Sometimes. I am preparing to serve a mission in the Micronesia Guam mission; when i found out where i was going i didn't have a clue where Guam or Micronesia was. I am very excited to serve the lord for two years but i am scared; but i know the lord will bless me for my sacrifice.

Why I am a Mormon

When i was growing up i knew i believed in my heavenly father i just didn't always believe in this specific church; my parents raised me to live by church standards in everyday life. When i didn't live by these standards i would be punished. I was persuaded greatly by my family to take part in seminary and hometeaching which i hated but i did it anyway. And then one day i lost it; i couldn't stand being told what to do and i didn't want to be a member of the church anymore, by having large arguments with my parents and causing problems they allowed me to have my wish. I didn't have to go to church anymore i started to live my life the way i wanted to. But my grandad who has always been one of the biggest examples to me in my life would always be the person to help me see clearly. I was doing a lot of decorating work for him one summer holiday in one of his flats and the conversation came up about the church i didn't mind talking about it because i knew that everything was in my control. Later that day he took me out for dinner and this allowed him to answer all the questions of doubt that i had about the church. He told me i was focusing on the negatives on the church rather than the positives he was telling me stories of missionaries that came to him answering all the sarcastic questions that he had for them when he was investigating the church; he came up with this question that the young missionary did not have an answer to. The missionary said to my grandad that he would pray and fast to find the answer he was looking for but that he would not fast and waste his time for someone who's not looking for the good in anything my grandads heart then changed. So then my grandad gave me the challenge to look for the good and live the by gospel for at least a month and then make a decision on whether i want to be apart of the church or not. Of course my heart then changed and my testimony is still being worked upon and i feel nothing happiness from being a mormon. :-)

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being a good example to others. It is almost impossible for me to have a long conversation without the church or my mission coming into it. I am currently a part-time cashier at a supermarket (impressive i know) and there is always someone asking me about University or what I'm doing in the next academic year and allows me to explain my beliefs and my mission. I have finished sixth form (college) now but when i was there i tried to keep a high reputation of myself which isn't always easy because I'm crazy haha. But i always enjoyed going to youth so i always tried to invite a friend to come along. I have organised activities for the youth in the past and i still try my best to stay interactive with youth while I'm still here. I am also a hometeacher; hometeaching is where two members are prayerfully put together to visit and help families from within the church (ward) there was a point where i had two hometeaching companions which i didnt mind because i love doing it. I have learnt a lot from hometeaching and i am very blessed with the spiritual knowledge i have gained from it.