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Hi I'm Audrey

I have divorced parents but I know quality time with the people you love is the best medicine to obstacles in life. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My life began in Arizona, but I have lived in Turkey, Germany, South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, and Florida due to the military. I am proud my dad served in the military and served his country with honor and dedication. I now live in Utah because I am attending Brigham Young University and I have developed lasting friendships with people in the usual college way--roommates, co-workers, people in your apartment complex, people who attend church with you, classes but that's where the regularity ends. Each friendship I have formed is complex and deep. Yes, there are inside jokes and hang-outs and random late-night trips to fast food joints. But there are deeper, emotional connections with them that take time, respect, and trust to develop. And I cherish those the most. I really feel like I've grown into who I want to be as a person while attending BYU: trusting, respectful, kind, and charitable. In spite of a parents' divorce that has separated my parents by over 2200 miles, I still have loving, healthy relations with the both of them. I understand that relationships with the people we know change--the wax and wane. I have loved each one I have had. They have made me stronger as a person. And I owe it all to the Lord trusting in me and knowing that with a leap of faith, anything is possible. Keep on smilin'! :)

Why I am a Mormon

You've probably read a thousand stories about why a Mormon is a Mormon. Why would a typical white girl raised in the LDS Church who is attending BYU--why would her story be unique or different from the scores of other members of the LDS Church who have written their testimonies outwardly? Well, I'm going to tell that my story is special because it is mine. And mine alone. It is a part of my identity. It has made me whole because it's founded upon faith. Any story starts with a seed of faith that's been sown and the people and my own experiences in life help reap what's been sown. I lived off of the testimonies of my parents for quite some time. I don't think I realized I did, but I was. I was one of the girls in Church meetings where I would stand and bear my testimony monthly, but not really understanding what I doing up there or what I was really saying. The truth is, my testimony developed over time. There wasn't one single moment where I knew that the LDS Church was true and everything in life made sense and world seemed rounder and more colorful. No, I don't think singular moments are a testimony. I know that it is a continuous stream of moments throughout life that make up what I believe. It's listening to Spirit testify to me of truth when I listen to Him speak to me through His warm presence in my heart or the inspirational words people say or what those people do. It's acting on promptings the Spirit has given me and following through to the end. It's accepting that there are factors in life that are out of my control--such as my parents' divorce or minimum wage at a food job--and making good choices because I have the ability to through my agency--find what makes me truly happy and embracing it, like attending a great university and realizing that food job has some of the most genuinely caring (and hilarious) people you've ever befriended. I know that God lives. He has a plan for me. And I love my family and friends more than anything else in the world. :)

How I live my faith

I have always loved to serve. It's something that's second nature to me. I find that doing things for the people around me brings immense joy to them and I know my Savior is pleased with the service. But I am forever indebted to my Heavenly Father and His Son, which means I will continue to serve until the day I die. I spread my joy of the gospel through service. Through quality time well spent reading the scriptures, praying together, or attending Church meetings. Through fulfilling what I am called by God to do--mostly teaching and serving others. It physically hurts when I know I've focused too much on myself and I need to go beyond myself and look to others' needs and desires. I want to fulfill whatever those are to the best of my abilities. True love is wanting the best happiness for the people we care about--continually wanting what is in their best interest and not your own--and I want to help fulfill that happiness the best way I can. I know I can be selfish a lot, and quite jealous of others, but I work on those weaknesses by serving. Service helps me to remain grateful for what I already have and to not wish for more than that. I live my faith through service. It's what I do best. And I wouldn't replace it for the world. :)