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Hi I'm Ethan Myers

A writer at work, and a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Utah and raised in the LDS faith. My family are active members or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we love it. I am the second oldest of my siblings and the first of my family to serve on a mission. I am serving in Omaha Nebraska to teach the restored gospel to as many as will hear me. As a hobby, I loved to airsoft. Collecting guns and ammo and gear for each weekend of airsofting out in the mountains or in the west desert. But during the times I have, I would try to write a book I am currently working on. A fantasy book (the swords-and-dragons type of fantasy), among other projects I seem to pile on myself and would take a snail pace to complete, just like many other writers.

Why I am a Mormon

Since I was born into the LDS faith and growing up with other members of the LDS church, I never took any of it seriously. I sort of inherited the church, but I didn't understand it or cared to understand it. I never had any opposition or a chance to explain this church to others because, being in Utah, you could almost always assume that your neighbors were Mormons. And to be honest, I had no idea what we truly believed in when the opportunity arose. But I always believed in God as my father and friend. I was growing up having to face the humiliation of others taunts and ridicule and had no one to turn to but my father in heaven. And always, he would comfort me by the power of the Holy Ghost whenever I felt worthless and attacked. Not everything is all paradise in Utah as it turns out. Even most of us experience some hardship among each other. As the years passed, and my understanding of the restored gospel grew, I began to have a love for the church when I started attending seminary, which is a study course of the scriptures more in depth. And little by little, I understood much of the gospel and the heritage of the LDS faith. It was during this time where I felt the love and gratitude for the scriptures and for prophets and what it means for us. That God hasn't gone silent on us. That he still speaks to us through his servants, the prophets. I grew up always listening to Gordon B. Hinckley's counsel and I always strived to listen to his words. Now, as I listen to them again, I now realize that they carried more power, being the words of a prophet, than ever before. And I invite others to hearken to the prophets words today. I invite others to come unto Christ and receive his restored gospel through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, to repent, to baptize by immersion for the remission of sin in his name and authority, and to endure. Living his commandments are meant to bring us joy. He wouldn't command us to obey them without a good reason.

How I live my faith

I am always striving to live up to the commandments of God and always studying the scriptures. I have always viewed the Lord as my friend whom I can always turn to for help and to talk to and I am so thankful to have the knowledge that He does speak to his children through prophets and revelation. I have a love for scriptures as I always seem to find something different in them every time I read them over again, exactly when my circumstances have changed. Now, as I am serving my mission, I have had a greater light and understanding about what it truly means to have a prophet in our day and the utilizing of the atonement and a greater desire for others to have this same blessing as I have had in my life.