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Hi I'm Matt

Husband. Father of 3. Lived in India. Pacific Northwest cyclist. HR guy. Mormon.

About Me

I was born and bred in the Salt Lake City area. I figured I'd live there my whole life, but God had other plans for me. It started with my missionary service in New York City, where I got to spend time with people from scores of countries and cultures. I fell in love with food, languages, personalities and the way each of those plays out on the global spectrum. My graduate degree landed me in jobs that have moved me and my family all over the United States and to Hyderabad, India. When that job opportunity came along initially, we were nervous about moving our family so far, but as has been the case with our other moves, God new better than we did what we needed, and allowed the Spirit to nudge us into going. Now we wouldn't trade those 2 years for anything. We loved meeting great friends in our neighborhood and at work, and were honored to serve alongside the faithful Latter-day Saints in that huge city. We're now back in "the States", but are looking for our next opportunity to get to know and serve the incredible people God planted all over this world of His. Up next - a humanitarian vacation to Guatemala.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because in my early years I came to see how weak and flawed I can be. As a young man, at my best I was thoughtful and selfless, but at my worst I fell short again and again of the kind of person God needs all of His sons and daughters to be. And in that perpetual falling short, I finally decided to take Jesus Christ at His word - I tried repenting for what I had done. It wasn't easy. But when forgiveness came and light flowed into me again, I felt a joy that I can't possibly explain. But it was such an overwhelming peace, I knew I couldn't turn my back on the Savior again, so I've tried--imperfectly--to follow Him every day. And I have learned time and again that the best way for me to stay connected to Him, is to spend time in the scriptures He gave me, and to pray to Him often. I love the Book of Mormon and the Bible. I love how they teach powerful and simply of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, because I need His grace every day, and love who He is helping me become. Now and then I glimpse it - He shows me glimmers of the kind of person He has in mind for me to become, and that motivates me to keep going, keep serving, keep repenting, and keep improving every day. And along the way, I continue to be amazed at the people in this world He lets me interact with. Flawed though we all are, as we occasionally jostle one another in exercising our choices, we're still a family. We're God's family, His work, His glory. And when I come home each day, I try the best I can to be in my miniscule way, the kind of father that Heavenly Father is to all of us.

How I live my faith

I love serving in the church - not because I'm particularly good at it, but because of who it helps me become. There's something to be said for having to get outside my head - my own cares and preoccupations - and focus on other people for a number of hours each week. My own problems always seem simpler to carry when I'm asked to help others work through theirs. I've heard it said that a column is structurally sound only when it has weight put upon it - without that added burden on top, a column topples easily. The same has proved true for me as I serve the members of my ward as a member of the bishopric that attempts to shepherd in the way Jesus Christ would want us to. I inevitably go home happier - tired too, but happier - at the end of each Sunday and occasionally during the week. But my greatest joy has always come from serving my family. I truly cannot wait to get home each day. The best moment of every day is walking in to greet my wife and children, and get down to the real business of loving and teaching and leading. Yes, I work at a major corporation and work on projects that are exciting - but when I'm honest with myself, I recognize that the "shelf life" of even the best work I do on the job will be measured in months or years. But at home, the work of my family's growth and salvation will last forever. Family work is so much harder, but infinitely more rewarding and joyful.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

God is the Father of us all, and as the perfect father, He is involved with and invested in our lives. I've seen evidence of His love and involvement countless times, from the quiet whisper that I shouldn't drive my normal path home, to the dozens of quiet nudges He's given in my most difficult life decisions. For those with open minds and hearts, He is always there - in miracles large and small, and in personal experiences that are too clear, too precise, too immediate, and too frequent to be explained away as coincidence. He guides and directs with love, and the evidence (even if not the proof) is all around for those who have practice seeing with spiritual eyes. Show more Show less