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Hi I'm Amy

i I'm a Morman. i am a convert. i was baptised into the Mormon church in September of 2012. I enjoy being a member of the Church.

About Me

I have two grown children who I love dearly, a son who is 37, a daughter who is 32. I have six grandchildren ages 7 through 19 that i just can't seem to see enough of. I love the world and the people in it, so i love to travel. Reading is a favorite pastime of mine. Making jewelry and sculpting small statues as well as painting pictures occupy some of my free time. I have two small dogs and two cats in my home who keep me company as otherwise I live alone. I am a retired Massage Therapist. I have an associate's degree in human services, I specialized in Chemical Dependency counseling. Jobs i truly loved. They gave me the opportunity to help others on a daily basis, something I enjoy doing. I suffer from depression, manic-depression. Also, I am a recovering alcoholic/addict of 13 years. I struggled with these issues. But, I can truly say through the Mormon Church I have built an incredibly wonderful close relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and have found some ease in dealing with these diagnosis, a real miracle for me. A lessening of the occurance and severity of the depression and manic episodes. An almost non-existant ocurance of craving for alcohol and drugs. I am so grateful that through baptism I was able to have my slate of past wrongdoings erased clean, that I could start anew with a fresh clean slate. The burden of my past has been lifted from me. I could start new with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in my life. What a relief!

Why I am a Mormon

I had recently had back surgery, when two missionaries came to me asking if they could do anything for me. I said no. Until, one asked me if he could mow my lawn. I hadn't thought of how I would get my yard mowed! I said yes! They mowed my lawn, then gave me a Book of Mormon. We read and discussed a bit. then they left, setting up a return time to mow again and continued to return to my home, doing what they could for me with sincere hearts. We continued to read each week. They patiently continued to visit me, reading the Book of Mormon, discussing the reading as well as the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). I say patiently because, they continued to visit me for 2 years before i was baptized and converted to the Mormon Church . I began attending the Mormon Church because the missionaries asked me to. I kept attending because of the awesome people, They made me feel so welcome right away, talking to me and inviting me to sit with them. and. I saw how very family oriented they are. People have asked me why it took me so long to make up my mind and convert. I guess others usually decide much quicker whether they agree with the views of the church or not. I just know I wasn't ready til I was ready. I did have many of the same beliefs to begin with, I just wasn't ready. When I was, with the help of the Holy Ghost I easily quit smoking, and drinking tea and coffee, something I had failed at many times before! I believe that I lived with Heavenly father before coming to earth in this body and I made a choice to be here. I believe that I have a purpose here on earth to learn lessons particular to me, to become who Heavenly Father wants me to be with His help, that I will rejoin Him in Heaven. I believe I am here to love and serve others, showing them kindnesses and lightening their burdens. I believe that we are not left alone to deal with life and life's burdens, but have continuous Heavenly help if we but seek it, asking for help.

How I live my faith

I so love being involved in my church. I attend regular Sunday church services. I love to partake of the sacrament every Sunday, renewing the covenants I have made with God and asking for forgiveness for the sins and wrongs I have committed over the past week. I am able to start my week being forgiven because of the atonement of Jesus Christ, having suffered and died for my sins. I teach Sunday school to three and four year olds, they are called the Sunbeams. That's just what they are in my life. I have been very encouraged at how very much they learn and retain of the lessons God leads me to teach. And, they are an absolute delight! They are building their own testimony of the gospel, and, it is magnificent. I am involved in visiting home teaching. Where another member who is just awesome, and I visit other church members in their homes, once a month, bringing them a uplifting message. I am always uplifted as well while delivering the message, and visiting with them . A very gracious lady in the church, another primary school teacher takes me with her to attend the temple once a month. The temple is where ordinances are performed for ourselves, as well as for those who have passed on before us. It is a most awesome and reverent place to be. Where the cares of the world seem to just melt away for the time and, a better perspective on what is important to me-Heavenly Father- Jesus Christ-is in the for- front of my mind. Doing their work is what is important to me. The temple reminds me of just that. I know that regular temple attendance blesses my life through Heavenly Father as nothing else can.

In whom should we have faith?

We should have faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father(God). At times it is difficult to have faith when things aren't going well but, that is precisely when it is most important to our well-being to have faith, belief and hope. One way I have gained faith(I once considered myself spiritually bankrupt) was to make a gratitude diary. Everyday finding something that I am grateful for that God has given me, or how He has taken care of me. Everything I have, has been given to me by God. Every accomplishment I have made has been through God. God likes being acknowledged for His help. So do we. Be thankful to God and yourself for what you do have. You just may find that the more you are grateful for, the more you find to be grateful for, the more blessings God pours out on you. Sometimes you may have to start with really small things like," the sun is shining today Thank you God" .Or the toast landed butter side up! But look! And soon you will have faith that God and Jesus have got you, and then you will have FAITH that they have you!! It takes action on your part but, from personal experience it is worth it. I suggest you start a gratitude journal today, right now so the next time your faith is wavering you have your journal to look at and say," yes, Heavenly Father and Jesus do have me in their arms ! Show more Show less