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Hi I'm Jared Smith

I've grown up in Prescott, Arizona. I'm a pianist, student, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Jared Smith, I'm fifteen, the second of 5 in my family. We live in Prescott Arizona, the place where Arizona is not so much desert! I love to compose and arrange music on the Piano. I've been taking piano for about 7 years now, and I love working by ear on pieces. I absolutely love Rock Climbing and will take any chance I get to go, canyoneering is by far my favorite. I love the outdoors, in my opinion a day is pretty lame if I'm not outside for part of it. I enjoy being with my family and friends often. As far as education I have been homeschooled all my life and am now online schooled in a wonderful program. I enjoy my studies and love learning about the knowledge that is here on earth. I especially enjoy Government and anything to do with writing. I love journals, they provide such a great platform for writing thoughts and ideas. When most kids would hate to sit on a chair and do nothing for an hour, I would love that hour! Thinking deeply is quite entertaining to me.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon, because I wish to be happy, to make my God happy, my friends happy, my family happy, and everyone around me happy. I wouldn't give up my testimony for anything, because it is my foundation of everything I do! My purpose is in it, the things I know give me ever greater determination to stay a worthy son of God. I know that this is the true Church, and that because of this knowledge I feel a obligation to my Father who lives in heaven to follow his commandments. I also have a increased desire to continually grow in the church because of the mercy my Savior has shown to me all throughout my life. He has helped me fix some of my greatest weaknesses, and still now he helps me with present ones. I know that soon I will be called to serve a mission for the Lord, and to bring many unto this joy which I have found. Then after that I know that if I keep myself worthy I may enter the temple to be married for all time and eternity. The culture tells us youth that we are foolish and awful, but I will not be subject to this cultural lie. This is the most important time for preparation we will ever have, I mean to live it well.

How I live my faith

I attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints regularly, and I can say that the church has been the greatest blessing in my life. I have truly found happiness through our Savior, and it makes no sense to me that our God should have several doctrines. I truly have had it witnessed to me that this church is true. I have felt the Spirit of The Lord witness that to me time and time again. Because I know this, it makes me want to change. I believe that the reason we are here is to change, and to have progress. That is one of my favorite things about the church, how much we can learn and then apply. Spiritual change for the better is following our saviors commandments, and if we have this change of heart, we will not feel like we are being restrained but will feel so many blessings we won't be able to hold them all. I try to live the commandments and I can say that I have had blessings overfill my life with joy and happiness. I can see where you may think that all these commandments and guidelines are restricting, because I once thought the same in some ways, but now that I have made this experiment upon the word, I think entirely different. These are not restricting me at all, but setting me free! I see people that suffer from addictions, and they tell me that I am restricted, who is the restricted? The man who won't take a cigarette or alcohol, or the one who can't put it down? I also know that these problems and any sin truly can be set free, through the power of our Savior's atonement. I honestly wish that everyone could feel the happiness I feel everyday from the true gospel of Christ, I know that all of us can feel it, if we will change, and allow The Lord to help us. I remember praying as a child, and those prayers have strengthened my faith, even to this day. I know, with an assurance that if we are righteous, we will return to our Father in Heaven, and our loving Savior, and the glory of that day will be beyond all the power of description.

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

Jared Smith
I have found that baptisms for the dead are not at all odd or weird, but they are sacred. We do not use any bodies and re-baptize them, but we baptize the dead to give them an opportunity to partake of the ordinances that will help them throughout eternity. I have always felt it such a blessing that we can help our fathers, and forefathers partake of these wonderful ordinances. I have felt the spirit as I have helped in these ordinances. They are of the lord, and in the bible it actually says that people performed baptisms. Found in 1 Corinthians 15, verse 29. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Jared Smith
Mormons do a lot to strengthen and uplift those in the church, but one of our most emphasized doctrines it that of service, which means, we try to serve all those around us. The Church's humanitarian program has acted in service for people and the church and people who are not members. In Hurricane Sandy, for example, the Church's humanitarian program gave service to several buildings and homes that had been destroyed, many were not members. We believe in serving all men, and even our enemies by loving them. Not in only fellow-shipping and loving those who believe the same things that we do. Our goal as individuals in the church is to learn to serve all those around us, and develop a spirit of kindness as the Savior had. In conclusion, we want very badly to be like the savior, and we know he served all men, the sinners, the pharisees, and every manner of men. So we want to serve all men, because he is our exemplar, and we know we need to become like him. So no, the Mormons don't only help Mormons. Show more Show less