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Hi I'm Michaelene

I'm a Mother, which means the world to me! I am a Mormon

About Me

I graduated with a Masters in Deaf Education, focusing on working with children under the age of 3 and their families. I started dancing in collage, mostly different swing dances and some ballroom, and that quickly became a huge love and hobby of mine. I also love the outdoors and being surrounded by nature, reading, swimming, and learning. My absolutely favorite love though, is my family!! I have two amazing little children so far. They along with my husband is what I fill my day with and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am happiest when I am surrounded by them as we all play together.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the church and grew up in Utah where I was always surrounded by Mormons, but the reason I have not only stayed in the faith, but have made it a central point in my live is because of my Savors love! I remember in my youth especially wondering why the LDS church was the truth. This does not ever happen, but if some test was to be given with the question "why is the LDS Church the true Church of God," I could have easily answered it with all the reasons and scriptures I had been taught through my life. But I also knew you could go to any other religion and they would also give you reasons and scriptures why they are the truth. So why should I really believe this it is truth? The answer to that question has come hundreds of times though out the decade plus since I started pondering this. The first one though was when I was in church and randomly started thinking a hymn we sing that says "I stand all amazed at the love Jesus suffers me." As I thought these words I had the most amazing feeling, and I knew it was true!! I knew more than anything else that Jesus Christ was my savor and that he loved me! I have many other experiences since then that have also testified of the truth that I learn about him as I read the Book of Mormon and the Bible. The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints has brought me so close to my Savor and his love! There is no way this could happen from lies. I have seen his hand in every step of my life and he has pored out his blessing on me as I have fallowed the teachings of the LDS church. I love the scripture at the end of Malachi when the Lord, talking about paying tithing, says "and prove me now ..." He challenges us to just try it. Do what I say and see what happens. This is true for everything the Lord has ever, and will ever, ask of us. Just try it and see if I don't bless you for it. I have proven the Lord. I have tried him and I have have seen his blessings and I know I could never survive with out him and his grace.

How I live my faith

I am currently helping my church community by taking care of the little toddlers during Sunday School. There are only a few children, but every one of them has a different language spoken at home, so it certainly keeps things exciting. plus, I myself am still trying to learn to speak Dutch, the language that is used in our meetings, but several members are very helpful with this. I do have to put a lot of work into understanding the talks and lessons given, but I learn so much this way that I don't really see it as a hindrance.