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Hi I'm Steven

I'm a wife-loving, father-in-training, daddy-wrapped-around-a-daughter’s finger, disciple-who’s-never-done, Mormon.

About Me

I love being with my family most of all: story time, pretending to be a king, monster, horsey, dragon, making up stories, being in the story, etc. I love simple dates with my wife, dinner with my children, watching a movie with my little girl. I love to study the Gospel. I love to create, write and teach. I’m a strong kick starter of new ideas, but not the most patient finisher. Hopefully that doesn't apply to my entire/eternal life. Most of my career has been studying how confidence affects personality traits, talent and performance. I love studying the lives of men and women who displayed great character and confidence. Most of all I love the imperfections in those people. I find the imperfections as inspiring as their strengths and achievements because it accounts for the truth of humanity: we are weak and strong, brilliant and incapable, inspired and discouraged, faithful and fall short. I love the arts. I love golf, tennis, and football, but am too busy to play or watch any. I guess that makes me too busy.

Why I am a Mormon

The Savior said to His Apostles, “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you.” I’m only a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because the Savior intervened in my life and brought me home. The rescue certainly wasn't qualified by my merits. I’m a Mormon because one evening a friend asked me what I wanted to do after graduation. I said rock star. She said, “I think you’d be a great missionary.” A Mormon missionary? Yes, that’s what she meant. The conversation on that topic ended ten seconds later. Not interested. An hour later, alone on a vacant road at one in the morning, I had an unmistakable, life-changing invitation to become a missionary. From that moment my life changed forever. I knew it was true. I knew my life had been on a detour. I knew Father in Heaven lived, that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and Savior of the world. The next morning I began reading the Doctrine and Covenants to understand the teachings and commandments of His Church. As I read I knew Joseph Smith Jr. was a Prophet of God. I loved what I read because it was true. I’ve always loved truth, even when it’s not convenient. I began the Book of Mormon, and read it five times before my mission. I read the four Gospels again and again, drawn to the Savior as the Prince of Peace, Son of God, and the one, true Messiah. I love the truth, and He is Truth. Since my conversion, I’ve decidedly and devotedly tried to be one of His faithful disciples. This is not simply a church with some important truths in it, or a nice religion. It is the church restored by Jesus Christ himself, with living prophets and apostles to lead His work under His direction. That is miraculous, undeniably beautiful, and true.

How I live my faith

Living my faith is a minute-by-minute opportunity and test. Given that being mistake-free is never an option, I try to make the right things the center of my life and keep my intentions pure. I don’t always succeed, but I’m trying to “become” a Man of Christ. I think we have more opportunities to serve and be selfless than we might think, whether it’s making dinner, changing a diaper, sharing the gospel, shoveling a driveway, teaching Sunday School or going to the temple. I love how the Savior made Himself available and went about doing good. I do my best to be available and active in His behalf wherever I am. In other words, I try to be “perfect” and rarely am. The pursuit is what changes me. I’m deeply and eternally grateful for daily forgiveness, weekly Sacrament, and a clean slate.