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Hi I'm Bekkah

I'm a university student. I love exploring the great outdoors, learning new things and helping others. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm American, but have grown up in Germany and now attend college here. I am simply in love with living in Europe! It's such a blessing to be able to learn new languages and get to know different cultures. Having been born with a cleft lip and palate, I've had to suffer through some rough times, which is obviously no fun. But overall, they have made me who I am today and I am immensely grateful for that, because I am happy to be me. My background also inspired me in deciding what to study. I speak from personal experience when I say that it is difficult having to deal with medical complications that one is not at all at fault for. Proper pharmaceutical care can counteract such issues and prevent them, resolve them or at least help fight them. That's a big deal, because it means people can be healed and enjoy a higher quality of life. It means giving them hope, which is one of the best things one can give people. These reasons (plus my enthusiasm for science) are why I chose to study Pharmaceutical Sciences. I truly enjoy what I do. Whenever I get a break from my studies, you're likely to find me somewhere in the mountains, because my favorite outdoor activities are skiing and hiking. I generally love being outside and exploring. Some other things I really like are music and literature (especially poetry). Oh, and Christmas -- it's definitely the best time of year!

Why I am a Mormon

Even though I was raised in the Church, choosing to be baptized was a personal and very conscious decision for me. The reason why I am a member is the same now as it was back then. I know of a certainty that I have found the truth and feel so blessed to have it in my life. Knowing that I am a daughter of God has changed my entire perspective on life and beyond: It helps me to... - ... set goals and constantly work on improving, because I am in no wise perfect and want to progress. I am very grateful to have a personal relationship with our Father in Heaven and want to return to Him someday. I know He loves us and wants what is best for us. - ... get through the good times as well as the bad and to learn from my experiences. Sometimes we have burdens to carry, but they strengthen us and help us develop our personalities. It's also a beautiful thing to know that we are never alone in shouldering them: Jesus Christ lives, is always there for us and has given us the perfect example of how to live. He sacrificed Himself for us, so that our sins might be forgiven. In doing so, He gave us the chance to do better and to progress. - … make right choices. The Holy Ghost will lead and guide us if we are worthy of His presence. He is able to teach us all truths and can be recognized by a warm and joyous feeling in your mind and heart. It was through the Holy Ghost that I knew that joining this church was the right decision. . - ... serve my fellowmen and to treat them with kindness and respect. This applies to my family as well. They are very important to me, which is why I am so thankful for the fact that I can be together with them forever. Someday I will marry and have my own family, which I look forward to more than anything else in this life. All of these things are sources of immeasurable joy. I'm a Mormon because it makes me truly happy. Sharing your happiness with others leads to multiplied feelings of joy, which is why I want to share what I love with others.

How I live my faith

I officially became a member of the Church when I was baptized in 2003. Ever since, I've thoroughly enjoyed being an active member of this religious community. I can live my Christian faith each day, share it with others and be their friend, regardless of their personal and religious background. After all, we are all God's children and all of us need love and support. I enjoy helping others with whatever they might need. I've been tutoring ever since I was twelve, which has been a wonderful way for me to share my light with others. Being able to watch kids and classmates who were previously struggling begin to excel has totally been worth the time and effort put into teaching them. Volunteering for the Red Cross and in homes for the elderly have also been great experiences, because they have helped me meet some wonderful people and bring smiles to their faces. Seeing them happy makes it all worthwhile; those smiles are invaluable. Another thing that is important to me is being a good example, even if it might sometimes seem like a futile effort. People do notice if you act differently and try to do the right thing. They will remember it and will learn to respect you for it. It really does make a difference when I make good choices -- not only in my own life, but in others' lives as well, so I try my best to be an influence for good at all times. You never know how far-reaching the consequences of a decision might be; you might just be changing someone else's life completely without knowing it! To me, doing genealogical work is the best example of this principle. In doing our family history, my family at some point discovered that we actually have living relatives in Sweden, so we sent them a Christmas card one year out of the blue. That small and seemingly insignificant act set off a whole miraculous chain of events. Fast forward a decade, we've met our amazing relatives in person. They never fail to inspire me and have definitely changed my life for the better!