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Hi I'm Aimee

I am a home-school stay-at-home mom, a daycare provider and a Libertarian. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mom to seven kids. Six boys and one girl. I have my degree in Chemical Engineering and work as a project manager for a pharmaceutical company in San Fransisco. I love music, both to sing and play the piano. It's been years, but I also used to play the clarinet in the marching band. I enjoy writing, and keep a family blog. I am also bipolar and blog about that too.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised LDS by parents who were both converts to the church. However, there was a point in my life I pulled away trying to define myself in my own way. I found myself surrounded by friends but feeling lonely for the first time in my life. It wasn't until the peace that the gospel brought into my life was withdrawn that I realized how much stability, purpose and connection it gave me. I am not perfect and I have had to call upon the mercy of Jesus Christ and walk the humbling path of repentance. It was during those moments that I felt His overwhelming love and concern for me. He lifted my burden and removed my guilt. Living the commandments, life became much less difficult. Like a kite being held aloft by the restraint of the string, my life has soared higher because of the grounding and stabilizing effect of following God's commandments. I don't have to struggle with addiction, or personal drama, or knowing where the line is. Living the commandments does not make for a perfect life, because we will always have trials, but it will make the life we have much easier. The doctrine of the Book of Mormon, for me, takes all of the ambiguity out of Biblical Christianity. There is an amazing power that comes into my life through reading the scriptures. I especially love and admire my Jehovah's Witness friends for their dedication to scripture study. I know the scriptures are true, and with a second witness of the doctrine of Christ I don't have to be confused or argumentative about understanding doctrine the way God intended. My background in science and engineering has given me a foundation for understanding our world according to natural laws. I've found that science and true doctrine agree because all truth agrees with itself. Many of my atheist friends dismiss Christianity based on generic and faulty assumptions. There are no contradictions between true religion and science. God is the author of all truth.

How I live my faith

I have friends of all different denominations and try to be approachable and open about what I believe while respecting the faith of others. Five years ago I had a specific day of the week set aside to go to the park in between our lessons. I met a couple of Catholic moms who were there again and again on the same day. We found we had many things in common and got to be good friends. Their kids were too young to attend school at the time, but I'd talk to them about homeschooling my kids and how it allowed me to teach them by the light of the gospel. We connected through facebook and stayed in touch even after our park days ended. When their children came of age they started homeschooling too. Later, in an effort to help my own children understand and be respectful of the faith of others we attended a Mass with them. Afterwards, I said how nice it would be to have some time for the priest to explain some of the things from Mass in a home-school tour. When we arrived, I expected that only my family and my two friends would be there. There were about a dozen different Catholic homeschooling families that turned out for the tour. I hadn't realized that their example had spread to sisters, in-laws, and friends, many of whom started faith-based homeschooling too. I volunteer each week to teach the three-year old Primary class at church. They are very busy and often try to stack the chairs in class as high as possible or climb over the benches during the group lessons so lots of patience is required. I try to love them as the Savior might love them and teach them in ways that they will feel His love for them.