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Hi I'm Matthew Sandmaier

I Grew up in Canada, or so they say. fairly tall and awkward guy. and I'm a Mormon

About Me

so hey. i am 6.6 otherwise known as tall and probably the least threatening person you will ever meet. my spirit animal would seem to be the punching bag as everyone seem to punch me and they do not even know why. (worry not dear reader they are light and more of nudges.) some of my main hobbies are camping and games and when i say games i do not mean video games, i mean board and tabletop games. as for interests i have a ton. love learning pointless facts that i will always forget except for the randomness of times. and i just enjoy learning. and on my spare time i like to eat and sleep.

Why I am a Mormon

so i was born and raised in the church, and as such i have always been blessed because of it, but growing up around a lot of people with different or no faiths you really come to see just how much sense this gospel has, i mean when people always have questions they want awnsers to such as why am i here, what is the point of life, what happens after we die, and other things along those lines and no one really knows but you are just like, hey i know, it really adds to your faith that this chuch is true. growing up i loved reading, and as such i read through the Book of Mormon fully before i even turned eight, and i have continued reading it every year ever since, and as such i have always been learning about what the Book of Mormon is all about, and i can tell you right now that the Book of Mormon is true, and as such Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God, and if that is the case than the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints must also be true. it is as simple as conecting the dots, but i do not want you to just rely on my word i would encourage you to also find out for yourself and read the Book of Mormon and pray to find out if it is true, and if you think it is a waste of time and you do not even care about religion, hey still read it, i mean if you like good stories you cant find one much better than the book of Mormon so just give it a shot, i promise you will get something out of it. but as for myself i know that the book of Mormon is true that God still talks to his Children in this day and age and cares about us, and as such he has given us Prophets that lead and guide this Church that will never lead us astray. and i know that if you do what most of your Mormon Friends encourage you to do, namely Read, Pray, and even check out the church once you can find out for yourself if it is true aswell.

How I live my faith

so right now i have the wonderful chance to be a missionary. i am serving in Jamaica. as such i have the chance to live my faith everyday! as a missionary i get to go out and teach and help others grow stronger and closer to Christ. every week we do our best to go out and help others with service and teaching them the gospel. everyday i do my best to do that what i encourage others to do namely keep the commandments, pray, read, and scripture study while attending church weekly, as such i do my best to always be improving my faith. and you never want to stop developing your faith. i mean why stop a good thing?