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Hi I'm Val

When I was 30, I wanted to know why some people struggle so much to find happiness without success. I found the answer.

About Me

I am a mother of three children and a grandmother of three. The two oldest children live on their own now. I am married. My real ambition in life was always to be a mother and a wife. I have had several jobs, mainly in administration and finance, but I went back to school at age 43 and became a special education assistant. I worked several years in the public school system helping children with special needs (mostly boys with autism). Presently, I am a stay-at-home-mom and I dedicate my time to my family and the Lord.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 29 years old, I began to search for an answer as to why some people seem to live a life blessed with the kind of happiness that is wholesome and long lasting, while others struggle to find happiness but is eludes them. I was one of those people who tried but happiness was always short lived. Most of my family and friends fit in that category too. I decided that prayer and having God in my life was needed in order to be successful. So I tried going back to the catholic church for a while but still something was missing. I started watching religious shows on TV and I would send for any literature or videos they offered. I dissected each pamphlet and booklet and knew that something was still missing but I didn't know what it was. I was learning a lot but I was becoming desperate in my search. One day I was feeling quite discouraged that my questions would never be answered... then I saw a commercial on TV from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They talked about eternal families, and the plan of happiness. Suddenly it felt like lightning had struck me. I knew this was what I was looking for. I quickly wrote down the number to order the video they were offering… “Family First”. Shortly afterwards, two young men (missionaries) came to my home with the video. I just wanted the video, but I accepted their invitation to hear their message. A few weeks later my eldest daughter and I were baptised. Since then my life has changed so much. I didn't convince any of my friends or family to join me, but if they want the kind of happiness that can not be found in a club or in temporary relationships they now know where to find it.

How I live my faith

I have had many callings since I joined the church 20 years ago. I was the secretary/registrar for Scouting, the choir director for my ward in British Columbia, I conducted the music in the women's organization (Relief Society), I was the secretary for the children's program (Primary), I taught in the youth program (Young Women's), I worked in the Library, and as the Ward Bulletin Co-ordinator, and I presently teach the 5 year old's (CTR 5). I was single for several years before I re-married, and I helped organize activities for single adults in the church (Over 30 Single Adult Program). I have participated in visiting teaching over the past 20 years and have enjoyed the friendships that developed between myself and my many companions and the ladies we visited. Even though I have moved around I still have close relationships with several of them. Outside of church callings, I have served as a numerator for elections, and I attend community meetings when environmental matters are being addressed. When my children were younger I spent a lot of time organizing activities that involved the neighbourhood children: soccer games, camp-outs in the yard, BBQs, trips to the local swimming pool. Now, I just do a lot of driving to different activities. My faith in my Father in Heaven gives me the courage to do all these things because I know, on my own I would not have accomplished so much.

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

In my experience, people have differences of opinion because of their past experiences, their upbringing, the amount of knowledge they have acquired, and so on. It is normal to come to a different conclusion than your spouse, other family members, and even friends on how to solve problems. It may involve dealing with a rebellious child, handling finances, or weather or not to go to a certain activity. But, my faith in Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father tells me to offer up prayers, alone and together with the other person. List the pros and cons, offer your suggestions. Tell Them what conclusion you have come to and then let Them confirm to you if you are making the right choice. If I was all knowing and could see into the future and my child came to me with a problem I would want them to first figure it our in their mind, offer their ideas and then I would let them know if their plan is too dangerous so don't do it, if it will be harmless but they may learn something important so go ahead if you feel you need to, or Yes, that is a great idea go with my blessing. Of course Heavenly Father loves all his children so through faith in our Saviour Jesus Christ (which gives us the opportunity to repent and be worthy of the Gift of the Holy Ghost) we can receive guidance and be happier when we solve our problems without arguing, and we ultimately make better choices. Show more Show less