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Hi I'm Marieve

Lived in Ottawa my whole life. Back-packed a bit of the world. I am a professional cook turned office worker turned mom.

About Me

I am a person who loves to create. I have always leaned into things i am good at doing because i hate to fail but also have a secret love for the new and exciting unknown. It's a bit confusing even for me.. resisting change but wanting the adventure of it all at the same time. I cook. I paint. I draw. I love books and love words.

Why I am a Mormon

People often say they "grew up" in a particular faith. I am a of the opinion that you have to make choices in life regardless of your circumstances.. In other words, you always have to decide what your life will be. I was raised a member of the LDS church, but i really chose it for myself as a late-teen. I grew up not fully understanding that God was actually my heavenly father or ever really asking questions. As with everyday life skills, my parents had taught us the principles or basics of the gospel, but wanted us to figure things out independently. I had always been that kid who didn't worry about what classes to take to get into the right school or even what i wanted to do with my life.. I just had this feeling that the signs would appear one day. That passion would simply consume me and I would know this was what i should be doing. I was a bit dramatic that way. Looking back I realize I overlooked key moments of faith building. Prayers answered, questions resolved. I had become depressed and in a dark place personally. Then it happened. I questioned why I felt unloved and abandoned. I questioned why God, if there was one, had left me so alone.... but he hadn't. By asking that question I had invited him in. I felt him assure to me that he'd been waiting for me to starting looking for him so he could reach back and answer questions I never had asked. It was when I decided to become an active participant of my life that I questioned what I knew. That's when I started seeking the scriptures, praying daily, and asking questions. I had personal insight provided and realized God had so much to tell me, but I needed to want what he was willing to offer. Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you became very real to me. As I asked, I learned. As I sought, I found light. As I knocked, there were answers and the trust of the gospel of Jesus Christ was to be found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.

How I live my faith

Jesus Christ was all about willing, love-filled service. In my life i try to give and serve as much as i can. I have found great clarity in realizing that life isn't about what YOU get from your output (even though you get more than you often realize). In our faith you are extended callings to serve or work within different aspects of the church. it's all voluntary. I worked with the young women (12-18 years) doing service projects, teaching them gospel principles and helping them discover their own strengths and testimonies. I also sub'ed in the children's Sunday school when teachers were absent. Now i assist with the activity nights organized by and for girls aged 8-11 years. It can be a bit intimidating, but i find it is such a privilege to get a glimpse of the insight kids/youth have of god's inner workings and help them see it too.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

God speaks to his children, both individually as well collectively. We can received personally revelation for ourselves, but God also sends us insight and guidance through his prophets. The Book of Mormon was written by inspired individuals (prophets) in the Americas and their writing where compiled together. Show more Show less