What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Reed

I was raised in the Denver Metro Area, I work for the State of Colorado, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

While I was born in Texas, I grew up in Littleton, Colorado. After leaving Colorado for about 10 years, I returned to the state to work as an auditor for the Legislature. I am married to April, who grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. We met at college and we have 5 beautiful children -- three boys and two girls. We are a one car family -- I have been riding the bus / light rail to work for 8 years now. We live in a suburb on the west side of the Denver metro area. We enjoy hiking as a family along local trails. We also enjoy visiting the Farmer's Market in Golden each Saturday during the summer. We feel really fortunate to live in such a beautiful city and state. We are huge fans of the Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in this faith. However, I had to come to my own conclusion about this faith. Growing up I had a strong belief in God and Jesus Christ. When I was 18 I went off to a junior college in the western United States. I started reading the Book of Mormon very seriously, and started to pray to God to know if he existed and if the Book of Mormon was really scriptures like the Bible. I received a very powerful answer from God. I know that God existed, and that he loved me. I also knew that the Book of Mormon was the word of God, revealed to humanity at this time of history. Knowing that the Book of Mormon really is the scripture helps me to better appreciate the New Testament. I know that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer, and He died for all of us, so that we might live again. Because of this powerful experience, I decided to serve God and Christ as best I can. I served a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I spent 2 years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I continue to have a desire to serve God. I am not perfect. I have many flaws. But I try every day to act in a way that I hope God finds acceptable.

How I live my faith

For several years I worked as an adult leader for our local youth groups. This is similar to working as a youth pastor. I helped to organize great activities for our youth to participate in. We certainly planned fun activities, but we also planned a lot of service activities to help both those within and outside of our faith. After a few years, I was asked to serve as an adult leader for the youth groups in our stake. A stake is like an archdiocese. Our stake is pretty big from a geographic standpoint, so I got to travel to places like Granby, Frisco, Vail, Buena Vista, Idaho Springs, Conifer. I got to interact with a lot of young people, which was a fantastic experience. The pinnacle experience for me was taking 80 youth up to central Wyoming to have them participate in a Mormon pioneer handcart reenactment. These youth got to walk on the same trail that Mormon pioneers walked on (as well as other non-Mormons that travelled to Oregon and California). It was a very spiritual experience. Now I work as a congregational treasurer. When people pay tithes or offerings, I make sure they are properly recorded and securely deposited into the bank. All of the work I have done for my church has been without pay (layman).

What is a ward/stake/branch?

A "Ward" is what we call a local congregation. When Mormons say "ward" it is like saying "congregation." A "Branch" is like a "ward" but tends to have fewer attending members. A ward is lead by a Bishop (like the bishops mentioned in the New Testament). The Bishop has two assistants called "counselors" that support him in the spiritual and administrative duties of the ward or congregation. A branch is lead by someone like a Bishop. We call the leader of the branch to be a "Branch President." The Branch President also has two assistants called "counselors" that help with spiritual and administrative duties of the branch/congregation. A "Stake" is a collection of Wards and Branches. A stake is similar to an archdiocese in the Catholic Church. A stake is lead by a man called a "Stake President." Similar to Bishop/Branch President, the Stake President has two counselors that help him with the spiritual and administrative duties within the Stake. Anyone that serves within the ward or stake level does so without pay. These are laymen and laywomen volunteers. There are no paid positions at the local level. The Wards/Branches and Stakes offer a community where members can develop friendships, help each other, and strengthen themselves spiritually. Show more Show less