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Hi I'm Joanna Fan

I am a daughter of God. I like chocolate, nature,and especially sharing the restored gospel.I am a Latter-Day Saint.

About Me

Aloha! I am Joanna. I am from Gaoxiong,Taiwan. It's funny, because I've lived there my whole life but I still don't really know my way around. But if you want to come visit, I know where to find the best ''bing''! :)) Anyway I'll continue introducing myself. I really like chocolate, because when I eat it , it makes me happy. I like being in nature, because when I'm in nature. I can feel God's love for me. I also like sharing the gospel, because I know it's true and it has literally changed my life. Why wouldn't I share it with others? Even though my family aren't members yet, I still believe if I do my part, Heavenly Father will help them. Right now I'm a missionary in the Taiwan Taipei mission and I speak Chinese. Yeah! P.S. Love you all. Bye!! :))

Why I am a Mormon

When I was little, I heard about Jesus Christ from my teachers. I believed that He was the Son of God, but my family didn't want me to go to church or become Christian because of our family's tradition Buddhist beliefs. As I grew up, people would tell me that I wasn't beautiful, that I had no talent, and that I had no worth. They wanted me to become who they wanted to be. I tried, but it didn't make me happy. When I turned 20, I decided that I wanted to be myself. My family and friends were not happy about that. It was really hard. But I wanted to know who I really was. I remember I was on my motorcycle headed home when I remembered my teachers telling me there was one God, and so I decided to talk to Him. I started just by complaining to Him about how unhappy my life was, my trials, and my challenges, and also about my pet bunny who was sick. I stopped at a stoplight, and then this girl next to me started talking to me. She said, "Hello, how are you?" I saw her name-tag and saw "Jesus Christ". Right then I knew that God hadn't forgotten me. He knew who I was. I started to cry, so she asked me to pull over for a second with her and her companion. I realized that I had run into the infamous Mormon missionaries! I'd never seen them before. I started meeting with them, and I accepted all of their invitations. God helped me know Him better through them. I also know that this church is true. I found my testimony. I know it's true, so why wouldn't I join?! I know I'm not perfect. I have so many weaknesses. But I accept that I am not perfect. Because I know God loves me despite my imperfections. To Him, I am important. Before I didn't know that, but now I know. This gospel has literally changed my life. I know that in the future I will have more trials and challenges, but I'm not alone because I have Jesus Christ. I love Him. I'm still trying my best to use His Atonement in my life. I am truly happy because I am becoming the person that God wants me to be.

How I live my faith

I am not afraid to share my beliefs with others. I am not afraid to tell them that I keep the law of tithing, the Word of Wisdom, and the Law of Chastity. Even though they laugh at me, I don't care. If you want to know why, just look at my picture. Look at my smile. This kind of happiness only comes from God.I am proud to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Even though the process of preaching the gospel as a missionary isn't easy, and I often cry because of it and sometimes doubt my faith, I will always kneel in prayer and ask God to strengthen my testimony. I know He always answers my prayers, whether it be through scriptures, sacrament meeting, keeping commandments, or through the words of modern day prophets.