What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Chey

Full-time missionary at the California Anaheim Mission. I love sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone.

About Me

I am a daughter, sister, friend, and student. I am the eldest of two siblings. My mom became a member of the Church along with her family when they were in their teens. My father eventually joined the church after she married my mother so basically, I grew up in the Church. I love the Gospel. Just like other kids who were raised in the Church, I also struggled to have a testimony of my own but after experimenting on the word of God, I came to know that the Church and its teachings are true.

Why I am a Mormon

As a child of record or someone who was born of Mormon parents and was baptized when she was eight years old, it took me a few years to have my own conviction that the Church is true. When I learned about the different religions in the world and about the diverse philosophies or beliefs of men, I doubted the faith I grew up with but after searching the scriptures for myself, and asking God Himself through sincere prayer, I received my answer. It didn't come overnight, instead it came as a result of constantly choosing the right like attending Church instead of going out with friends and following the commandments instead of following the trends of the world. Now that I am in another crossroad where I have to choose a path for myself, I can say that I still chose to stay in the Church not because of my family or my friends but because I know that it is the ONLY true Church who has the Authority from Jesus Christ Himself to preach the Gospel and to administer in the ordinances necessary for man's salvation. I love the Savior. Each time I think of the things He endured just so I could have my best chance in returning to my Father in Heaven, my heart is filled with joy and warmth. I know that our Father in Heaven loves us so much just as our mortal fathers love us. I know that through the scriptures and daily prayer, we can come to know Him better and develop as closer relationship with Him. I am grateful for the living Prophet we have today. Every General Conference, whenever I will have the opportunity to listen to a Prophet of God, it reminds me of the reality that I am a beloved daughter of my Father in Heaven and that someday, together with my eternal family, I can return to His presence.

How I live my faith

As a Latter-day saint woman, I am active not only in school but also in the Church. I serve as a second counselor in the Young Women presidency. One of my main responsibilities is to look after the spiritual, emotional, and mental welfare of the young women particularly the beehives (this includes being a friend to them). Beehives are girls ages 12 to 13 years old. This stage in the girls' lives is crucial especially in the development of their self-esteem and self-image that is why I take this calling seriously; I want my beloved beehives to see themselves the way Heavenly Father sees them. Aside from serving as a young women second counselor, I am also a seminary teacher. I can't really say that I am well-versed when it comes to the doctrinal points in the scriptures but my passion for studying and my personal testimony on the converting power of the scriptures helped me as I fulfill this calling. Unlike what usually happens in an ordinary classroom setting, both the teacher and the student learn in seminary because the Holy Ghost is the one who really teach and carries the message of the gospel to the hearts of them who hears the message. Currently, I am serving as a missionary in the California Anaheim Mission. Growing up, going on a mission has never been part of my plan but because I have seen how much the gospel played a big role in my life, I can't just keep this to myself. I want to help other people to discover this happiness as well.

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a Mormon is not just an outfit that we wear once a week. Being a Mormon is to become a disciple of Jesus Christ in every aspect of our lives. It is a lifestyle or a way of living. As members of Christ's church in the latter-days, we have the responsibility to share the gospel to our friends and neighbors; to become a good example to them so that through us they may be able to feel God's love. Service is also an important part of our lives. We seek every opportunity to help other not only those who are affected by calamities or suffering from extreme situations but even normal people who at the surface may seem fine but deep inside might be struggling with something that is not as apparent as hunger or loss. We believe that every man and woman is a child of God and that He cares to each individual no matter how 'petty' their struggles might seem as compared to others. Show more Show less