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Hi I'm Richard H. Brady

I have been an Air Traffic Controller for 31 years. I ride a bicycle, I raise bees, I look at stars. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised in a rural setting. We played in the creek that ran through the end of our property. We learned to work hard caring for our families vegetable garden. I love to learn. In 6th grade I became interested in stars and astronomy. In ninth grade I ground a 6" telescope mirror and assembled a telescope, with help from my father. I served a two year mission to Uruguay from March 1979 to March 1981. I learned to love the people there and I became quite fluent in Spanish. I married a wonderful young lady, with a beautiful smile. Together we have raised 1 son and 3 daughters. We have learned to work together and stay together through times that are good and bad, easy and hard. I was very fortunate to obtain a job as an air traffic controller. I have worked at that for over 31 years now. I have learned much about people, personalities and myself during that time. I ground another telescope mirror a few years back. This time it was a 12.5" diameter mirror. But my shift work keeps me tired and I don't use my telescopes as much as I would like to. I like very much to listen to music. I enjoy exploring new genres and styles of music from around the world. Sometimes this music drives my wife crazy so I have to listen and explore when she is away. :) I generally tend to listen to music that doesn't drive the Spirit of God away. Guitar instrumentals are some of my favorites. Several years ago I started raising bees. It has been an interesting new hobby.

Why I am a Mormon

I have come to learn that there is nothing more important in this life than faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. To me, the wonders of the universe testify of a Divine Creator. The order and the beauty that are apparent and displayed to us is humbling. Last year our 8 year old granddaughter, who had special needs, passed away from this life. It was a very sad and hard loss for me and all of my family. But we are firm in our faith that we will see her again. We will hug her again. And she will be able to tell us for the first time verbally that she loves us. Of this I am sure. Without this faith and knowledge this loss would have been without consolation. Jesus Christ's resurrection assures us that we will live again. I very strongly believe that there is nothing in this world that is more correct and true than the scriptures are. They are divine words written by prophets and other inspired writers. We can choose to ignore them. But they will lead us back to our Father in Heaven if we choose to. The symmetry of the gospel as a whole is astounding if a person takes the time to investigate and learn. Being a member or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the most important part of my life. It makes me happy to know the Savior. It makes me happy to think that the most important personal relationships in my life now will continue on in the next life.

How I live my faith

I have served for a number of years as a Varsity Scout Assistant Coach and Coach. I tried to be a good example for the young men so that they could learn to be responsible, dependable and courteous members of society. At work I have learned to be kinder and more considerate of others. It is a journey and I am not perfect yet in this regard. But I believe that people see that I try to be kind to others, regardless of their own situation or beliefs. Life can be hard at times and I shouldn't add to anybody's burden. Indeed I try to look for ways to ease and lift burdens when I can. A helping hand or words of advice and encouragement can be like balm in Gilead. I have been an teacher or instructor in a variety of settings. I enjoy teaching the Word of God from the Holy Scriptures. The depth of the scriptures is rarely glimpsed by most of us, including myself. It is amazing to me how the Holy Bible is strengthened and unfolded by it's companion testament, The Book of Mormon. The wholeness and completeness of the Plan of Salvation and of the Good News of the Gospel is very reassuring to me that there is a God in Heaven who loves us all, including me.