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Hi I'm Rachel

Hello my name is Rachel, I grew up in Wisconsin and am the third out of eight children. I am a Mormon.

About Me

Growing up as a third of eight children, I have had the privilege to have two older sisters to look up to and five younger siblings to lead. Through these experiences, I gained the desire to serve others as I could not be selfish when living with so many others. Right now, I am studying political science at Brigham Young University and hope to enter the political field one day so that I may implement programs and tools for individuals to become self-sufficient and happy. Nothing else in life could be more fulfilling for myself, to watch others fulfill their own life's goals and know the peace that comes with it. Many see politics as a source of greed, maybe even evil; but I see it as an opportunity, one where I can influence others for good and know that I am not wasting any of my precious time while here on earth, spending it all focusing on individuals. My hope for the future is bright. I plan on sharing it all with a wonderful husband and children, even lasting joy after my time on earth has ended. I know that as we watch inspirational videos of individuals who have overcome great challenges, our hearts skip a beat, for we feel proud for their accomplishments. We aspire to be like them, to have the ability to then inspire others to greatness, a seemingly impossible achievement. This is my life goal, to help others achieve this sense of accomplishment and then allowing them to become examples of goodness in the world and to spread this happy influence to all that they meet.

Why I am a Mormon

The majority of my family belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and have for many generations. This is the faith of my parents and my parents' parents, allowing me to grow up in a Christ-centered home. Because of this, it has never crossed my mind to not believe in the Church for I have always believed of its truthfulness. Time and time again, the witness of this comes back to me for I truly lived a blessed life, all things depending on Christ. When I was fourteen, I read many scriptures pertaining to the Holy Ghost, and it was at that moment that I felt the comfort and witness that comes with the Holy Ghost. For the first time, I knew what it was like to have felt the spirit tell me the truth of all things, nothing doubting. When I began at BYU, I witnessed hundreds of my fellow students prepare and leave for a mission, unable to do so myself due to my age. Its been a year now and I can now serve a mission. I have chosen to do so because I wish all to have the knowledge that I have, to feel the joy of knowing great things are to come. All I truly desire is for every person to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know of them and love them, that all things are possible. I do not understand all things, I do not even have the capacity to understand all things, but I do know that I cannot deny the things I have been taught my entire life, and to do so would be condemning myself. I cannot allow this to happen, nor will I. No matter the challenges that lay ahead, I can overcome them all and return to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Every morning, I work a job where I do not communicate with others and may put in headphones and get to work. This has allowed me the great opportunity of listening to General Conference talks for over two hours every day. What this means is that I listen to ten to twenty minute speeches of the leaders of the Church when addressing the world, starting from the present and moving back in time. Hearing these words of encouragement and stories of faith teaches me so many truths and allows me to hear witnesses of truly the most empowering and powerful individuals on the face of the planet. I love the words of the prophet, President Monson, and I know that he is truly a medium between earth and heaven for the entire world. No other individual has this authority as he has, to serve us, bring us closer to Jesus, and to love us in the way that he is able to do. Additionally, I attend the temple every week. Before I became endowed, I participated in baptisms for the dead where I was able to become baptized for those who did not have the opportunity while on earth. Now, I attend the temple for nearly three hours each week as I act as a stand in for the deceased in the endowment process, another step to returning to Heavenly Father. This endowment is a gift of knowledge and power, one that can be seen and one to be lived. One day, I will become married in the temple where my husband and I will be married for all time and eternity, just as my parents did nearly thirty years ago. Aside from all things spiritual, I have had the great opportunity to serve in many ways that benefit my fellow beings. For instance, I love to donate blood for I know of the great blessing my blood may be to one in the hospital. I have also had the ability to donate my hair several times allowing cancer patients wigs to wear. I once even helped clean a church owned cannery where for a couple of hours we cleaned pork and beans off of the floor ad machines with giant hoses. I live faithfully by acting.

Does The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints endorse political parties?

As the twelfth Article of Faith says, "We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law." As a worldwide church, this means that we are subject to the land of which we reside and must follow the laws, just as any other citizen would do. Since we may not like everything in the laws, we have the obligation to be active citizens trying to change society for the better. In this way, we are encouraged to vote and to run for offices, to become community leaders and to share our opinions. We have the right just as any other citizen to promote what we believe in and allow all the same privilege. And in those lands where democracy and freedoms may not exist, we have a natural, even a divine, right to defend our freedom and liberties, knowing that we are the slaves of no master. The Church is not a political entity; but all members of the Church are citizens in one nation or another. We maintain this right of liberty and freedom of ideas as central to our beliefs for we believe all men must be free to choose for themselves. Show more Show less