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Hi I'm Franny

I'm currently in college. I love art and literature. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Haiti and moved to the U.S. with my parents and siblings when I was seven. I value my family very much and am always grateful for the love that they show me. In college I've recently completed my AA degree and look forward to the nursing program in the fall. I have a reserved personality, but while I may be shy I do like to meet new people and grow new friendships. I like most types of music and many genres of literature, movies, and TV. Writing usually comes easy to me, even since grade school and I'm still working up the nerve to put to paper a great idea and have it published one day. I have a peculiar fascination for humans and behavior, thus psychology was my favorite class in high school, as far as the material went. We're strange and beautiful much like nature, which was molded by the same mighty hands.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up with a general knowledge of who Christ is, and details began to take place the older I got. I attended church with my mother and younger siblings as soon as she was able to find one of her religion after moving to the U.S. Since Creole was all she spoke the churches we've attended had always been in that language, which as I was operating at a seven-year-old's language comprehension, I wasn't able to understand all that was being said. This for my younger siblings was even worse. For a period of time while I was eighteen and they were sixteen, they brought this up and I expressed that it would be very helpful if we attended a Christian church that had meetings in English. I don't recall if I'd actually prayed about this, but my brother assured me that he had, and we did eventually receive a knock on our door from two LDS missionaries. As they taught us, many of their lessons fell in place in my schema of things and many were brand new and quite confusing. My decision to be baptized stemmed from many prayers sent heavenward, and the hopes of gaining a testimony of what I was taught and also a better spiritual life for my younger siblings. All three of us prayed and found guidance through the Holy Spirit. My greatest testimony is in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Three in one. This is what I was taught by those who loved me, my family and the church they brought me up in. While the truth will always be revealed to those who ask with a sincere heart, I believe that the first seed is always planted at an early stage by what we are first taught. Perhaps it's sheer luck that I first learned about Christ. The gospel is a beautiful model and plan to strive for and live by. I have a testimony that Christ and Heavenly Father does not forsake those who follow Him, but rather deliver blessings in plain view and in disguise.

How I live my faith

I became a member of the LDS church about a year and a half ago, along with my younger brother and sister. Jesus Christ and his teachings have always been a part of my life because my family grew up between two forms of Christianity. Finding the restored gospel for me came with many new questions as well as a new clarification. I am still learning and growing a strong testimony through others and the scriptures. Since my baptism I have been called as a Young Women's assistant secretary and more recently a social media missionary. I find joy in witnessing people accept the gospel and seeing the potential of what it could do in their lives. Living my faith for me begins with how I treat others. I strive to be respectful, friendly, and honest while keeping my feet in the places that I know God would approve of. Perfection is not my goal, because I don't think it's realistically and humanly achievable. But I try and I know that He still loves us in our imperfections.