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Hi I'm George Williams

I am an adult convert to the Church joining in March 1991 after investigating it for awhile.

About Me

I am 54 years old and am very interested in politics, reading and going to the movies. I have a great interest in science fiction and have gone to a lot of science fiction conventions and have written a lot of amateur stories for fellow fans. I haven't been married yet but I am still looking.

Why I am a Mormon

Before I joined the Church I was active in another Church even though I felt something was missing in my life. I saw an ad on tv for a free Book of Mormon and I remembered some Mormon friends I had and how they seemed to have what I didn't so I called the 800 number for the free book. A couple of weeks later a couple of young guys showed up calling themselves Elders and bearing chocolate chip cookies and a Book of Mormon for me. They left the cookies and the book and asked me to read the Book before their next visit. As I read the Book of Mormon I didn't believe it at once but as I read more and asked questions of the Missionaries/Elders my faith in the book and the doctirne of the LDS Church grew until I made the decision to be Baptized. Giving up drinking coffee and alcohol was hard as I loved a good cup of coffee and a cold beer on a hot day; though I did sometimes drink too much and I hated how I felt the next day. When the Missionaries?Elders had me read why the Church didn't drink coffee or tea I figured if God who loves me and knows so much more than I do doesn't want us to drink hot drinks which the Church says is coffee or tea who was I to keep drinking them? Alcohol was a little harder as a cold beer on a hot day did taste really good!. But, I knew drinking even a single beer was not the best thing for me health-wise so with a lot of prayer and help from Heavenly Father I decided to stop drinking. It was hard at first and on a really hot day I think about having one, but I made a promise to Heavenly Father and I do not want to go back on that promise. One thing that helps me not to drink is I see how it affects my non-member friends. I hear all the time what drinking made them do or say or how bad the hangover was that helps me not to go back to even a single beer as I don't want to be that stupid. I have never regretted my decision and while I am still tempted being a member helps me resist those temptations.

How I live my faith

I hold a couple of callings in my Ward and Stake. One of my callings is helping the Sunday School teachers for the kids and adults. I also help the Missionaries whenever I can. I try not to miss a meeting as I get a spiritual oomph from every one I go to. I don't mind answering questions about the Church as I know it has helped me to live so much better then I was before I joined.