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Hi I'm Mark

I live on the Gulf Coast. I'm a student of law, philosophy, and religion. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I love being a brother, son, and uncle. I talk to my Mom each week and my nieces send me text messages and letters. I look forward to being a husband and father. I'm 31, which is kind of old for a single, male Mormon. But, I have faith that good things will come. People have asked me why I moved from Utah (lots of single Mormon women) to Florida (very few single Mormon women) and I usually respond with something like, "Well, it's a miracle anytime it works out between two people anyway, right?" I am athletic but I rarely take the time to play sports...or follow sports. I love philosophy and religious studies but I subscribe to Audible.com because I have so little time to read anything but the law as a student. I am generally content with life and find enjoyment in small things. I do not feel rushed to fill my life with excitement. Seems like life does that on its own.

Why I am a Mormon

As a young boy, it became very clear to me that the truth of what I was taught hinged on whether Joseph Smith really saw and experienced the things he related. One evening I resolved to learn whether this was true. I remember sitting on my bed with my back against the headboard and reading Joseph Smith - History in the Pearl of Great Price. I read carefully. As I did, I remember that a very powerful feeling came over my body and I knew in an instant in my mind that it all happened the way he described. I felt full of light and refreshed. The most remarkable part of that experience, as I reflect, was that afterward it was as if I had never not known it was true, though I distinctly recall resolving to receive an answer. I have since read much of what Joseph Smith wrote or dictated and am pleased again and again with what I read. Many for example, know nothing of what Joseph Smith wrote about friendship, though they would surely love him for it. As an older teenager, I remember feeling ashamed I had not read the Book of Mormon. I decided to do so. I had many edifying and uplifting experiences as I did. I would read and cross-reference to the Bible along with the Book of Mormon. These are some of the most cherished experiences. When I arrived at 3 Nephi 17, I was overcome with joy and peace and love. Tears flowed. I knew that such an experience could come from no other source than God. I finally finished the Book of Mormon and read Moroni 10:3-5. I had been told since I was a young boy that if I read and prayed, I could have a spiritual experience and know it was true. Well, I finished it and I prayed, and waited; and prayed, and waited; and finally, when I was about to give up praying, my mind was called back in an instant to the times when I had read and experienced the truth of its words. I thought I felt or heard in my mind/heart the words, "You already know it is true, read it again." That injunction has never lost force.

How I live my faith

My parents taught me how to pray when I was young. I pray everyday - usually when I first wake up and before I retire to bed. My reading of the Book for Mormon is on an endless repeat cycle. I also read the Bible, usually the KJV, though I also appreciate and enjoy the ESV and NIV translations. The Book of Mormon and BIble are complementary. I attend weekly worship services where visitors are always welcome. I often think that others might be more comfortable in our church meetings than they suppose. I look forward to marrying in one of our temples, where the union's duration is not limited by the words "til death do you part." To understand God's transcendent nature, I often consider the happiness, kindness, love, and mercy of others in this life; then I ask myself whether any person who I have observed here might be more happy, more kind, more loving, or more merciful than God. This kind of introspection reassures me that when I turn to God, my Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, He will listen and respond. I have received certain knowledge, peace, and love many times as a result of prayer.