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Hi I'm Julie

I'm a harpist. I love working as a teacher - elementary school, Sunday School, harp - and being a Mormon.

About Me

I currently work as a teacher of elementary school students. The reason I am passionate about teaching is because I love being with people and not only teaching them, but learning from them as well. I enjoy traveling and reading, to learn about different cultures, history, and ideas. We never stop learning in life. I love spending time in the outdoors, hiking mountains, boating on lakes, playing on the beach, and exploring beautiful gardens. If I could pick only one name or role to identity myself, it would be "artist". That's because I love to create something out of nothing and beautify old things. Some of my forms of creation are: works of art to add beauty to my home, a fun photo backdrop or props for an event, new flowers in my family's garden, taking photos of nature, architecture, or people; or a handmade gift to bring joy to a friend or family member. I draw inspiration from God's creations in nature or the world around me. Spending time creating gives me an appreciation for the gifts our Heavenly Father has given us and how we all have potential to learn and grow, if we take the time to work, study, be patient, and be persistent. Some subtle ways in which I can be creative, are planning fun or uplifting events to bring together new and old friends, and performing music. Next to the Gospel and loved ones, the thing I love the most in life is music. I feel like music is one of the best ways in which I can express my artistic touch.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Church into a family that has been members for generations. However, I realized that I still had to gain my own testimony of it the truthfulness of it for myself. Through experiences as I have grown older, particularly trials in life, I have realized how much I need my Heavenly Father and the Gospel in my daily life. I never had some monumental event that instantly affirmed to me that the Church was true. There were some moments that were a bit life-changing, but most of my learning moments were little step-by-step ones where the Spirit whispered bits of truth or confirmed that this Church is true. The more I have recognized the hand of Heavenly Father in my life, the more I have answered prayers I have recognized. I love this Gospel because it's not just a social organization, or a philosophical society, or even a charitable society that meets once a week for a few hours on Sunday. It is a way of life. This Church is not meant to be separate from our daily routines, but is to be included in every aspect. Whether it's decisions about which courses to study in college, where to apply for jobs, how to help a friend in need, the need for a positive attitude to endure a hard trial, or the power to apologize to a loved one, Heavenly Father has given us the knowledge and power to accomplish all these things through His love and gift of the Holy Ghost or Spirit. I can personally attest to the power of prayer, whether it's from participating thousands of members praying and fasting at the same time for a common cause or for me personally, a private, answered prayer to give me strength to get through a difficult moment. I’ve seen miracles, as in the form of hearts softened and relationships mended through the power of prayer. While music and art give me great joy and fulfillment in life, the greatest peace and happiness I have received in this life is from serving others and sharing the Gospel, just as Jesus Christ does.

How I live my faith

I am currently in the Young Single Adult (YSA) organization of the Church, which serves all members ages 18-31 who are single. This is one of the many reasons I love the Church and know it is true, because there is a place for everyone to belong and serve, no matter your age or marital status. I have been in many YSA wards (or congregations) while studying in college and after graduating and in each ward, I have felt the same spirit of family unity. While I have had various callings in each of the YSA wards, one of the things I have done the most is planning activities with and for my fellow YSAs through church activities committees. These events range from simple field games and get-to-know-you-activities to dances and three day conferences with educational workshops. Sometimes the activities are on a small scale with a few dozen members from one town while other activities have served hundreds of YSAs from dozens of stakes across many cities. These activities committees have taught me a lot about how to treat others as Christ would by being a leader-servant, being a good steward over the resources I have been given, and learning how to compromise and work as a unified team to put together an activity where others can have wholesome fun, make new friends, learn new skills or information to use as maturing adult, and grow in their testimony and knowledge of the Gospel. I have been blessed to be able to share my musical talents in church through choirs, orchestras, and teaching others how to sing and lead music. Music is a powerful tool for feeling God’s love for us and conveying His message to others. In addition to teaching students in elementary schools and private harp lessons, I have from time to time taught Sunday School classes to the adults in Church. One of the reasons I love teaching is watching my students, whether at work or at Church, make connections and find joy from learning, plus teach me new insights.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

One of the many truths the LDS Church has taught me is my characteristics as a daughter of God. I know my Heavenly Father knows me personally as evidenced through answered prayers. In the Proclamation on the Family, one of the simple, yet powerful declarations that our church has released, there are principles to understanding our gender roles and traits. I know that men and women in the church are equal, yet different. No one is a second class citizen in the church or the Lord's Kingdom, but we do not have the all of the same roles or duties in church and everyday life. There are many things that men and women can both do. For example, in the home, both can nurturing and loving towards other family members. Both can lead and teach children or other family members. Outside the home, both men and women can take an active voice in the community, and add valuable laborers to the workforce. Men and women both have great strengths and talents to share with family, church, and the community. There are roles and gender traits unique to each gender, such as the protector and provider for the family belonging to the father and caregiver to the mother. I love how the church helps me learn about and rejoice in my identity as a woman, through means such as the Relief Society organization (women's organization) and also how I can support men in their roles as well. Show more Show less