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Hi I'm Rick

I have been a Mormon for 45 years.

About Me

I have five children, thirteen grandchildren and a great-grandson. I like to tell people that all fourteen are great. I am a retired firefighter. I served in Viet Nam as a helicopter pilot. I have a college degree in Secondary Education: Math and Science. I play chess only because it is so hard to find anyone to play checkers. I play Sudoku or Risk when alone. I have eight chickens. I have a regular garden, a hydroponic system and an aquaponic system. I enjoy digging in the sandy ground around my house when I have a purpose for the work. I work with wood, metal and plastic. Because of my service in the Church I have also learned to be an electrician and plumber.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the Church when I was turning 22. I knew that I had to join the Church because of a series of coincidences that occurred over a three day period and began with a real life miracle. Over the years I have seen many miracles often accompanied by coincidences. Each of these were opportunities for me to be reminded how much my Father in Heaven really loved me. Each of these were a faith promoting, learning experience. I would like to share my war story. I was a helicopter pilot in Viet Nam. The fact that I was selected and received the training was a miracle. My VN unit provided supply missions, long range patrol drops and various other support missions. It was a dangerous time and our mission was just as dangerous as any other unit at that time in the conflict. The entire eight and one half months I was in Viet Nam my unit did not receive one bullet tear in the skin of our aircraft. One wonderful day I was told that my name was the first name on the first set of orders for early release to go home. As the six of us were leaving our unit we noticed that something unusual was going on at the Operations building. We had more then enough time so we investigated. Over a local firebase one of our helicopters had been shot down. Two were dead. I was told later that only one of the two left made safely to the top of the firebase. I was also told that two more helicopters were shot down with other lives lost in that cover fire and rescue attempt. I was told that over the next several months that over one third of my unit would be destroyed. I would tell you about the numerous times I was saved on the fire department but I am out of characters. I can only say that through my studies and life experiences I know that this Church is true. I am so grateful that I am allowed to be a privileged part of it.

How I live my faith

Service is a very important word in our Church. I try to live up to that word. Every leader in our Church serves without pay. I try to do my best in my service opportunities in the Church. I am the secretary on the local property owners board of directors. I do a lot of volunteer work at our local community center. I participate in and drive the car for our community crime watch program.

Who are the Mormons?

We believe that the Jesus of the New Testament is the Christ. He is the son of the living God. He is one of three distinct, separate members of the Godhead. We have an understanding of where we came from before obtaining a physical body on this earth. We have an understanding of where we will be at almost any time frame after we depart this earth. We believe that the authority to act in the name of our Lord Jesus, the Christ, has been restored to the earth. With that authority our leaders have the right, privilege and responsibility to revelations as needed to satisfy the demands upon them and to help to progress the members of the Church they are responsible for. We accept and honor our father Adam and the prophet Joseph Smith for the recorded accomplishments in their lives. We do not worship either as gods as so many claim. I feel that these claims are a smokescreen for our detractors' real concern. I feel that it is because of our denouncement of the trinity and our belief in restored authority with revelations that is so offensive to many other Christian beliefs. Show more Show less