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Hi I'm Ryan

I'm a Canadian. I'm a surfer. I'm a traveler. I'm a hiker. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love anything outdoors! I grew up in mountainous British Columbia, using the many mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests for cliff jumping, hiking, biking, camping, fishing, skiing, and most everything else under the sun. I particularly love soccer, tennis, and hockey, but will join in a good game of almost any [true] sport. I got into skimming - riding a skim board like an air hockey puck through shallow water - while living on the west coast. That prepared me for life in Hawaii and surfing after my mom got a job in that amazing place. Having spent several years there, I was blessed to see life from a simpler point of view. I saw the things that really mattered in life: health, spirituality, family, recreation, warm weather! I also got to enjoy the outdoors even more! I learned that having "stuff" and working tirelessly for it is not the real goal in life. Alas, a permanent life there was not to last. I returned to Canada to work and get more education, and most importantly - met my wife here! She and I continue to enjoy outdoor activities like snowshoeing, hiking, and photography. It's also really nice to get back to my roots and play some outdoor hockey. I speak French, a little Italian and Spanish, and studied Japanese for 4 years. I love learning about how things work! I also enjoy a good simulation video game, and seem to enjoy cinematic scores (instrumental soundtrack music) more than the average Joe.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I believe that God has not stopped talking to his people. One of the most transcendental questions that one could ever ask is whether God exists or not, and I know through the Holy Spirit that he does. I had times in my life when I questioned this, or questioned what it would mean if he did exist. What if he does? For me, his existence means that he created us. It means that he loves us. It means that he has a plan for us, whatever it might be. I believe that he sent inspired men to lead and guide us, his children, who give us direction when we need it. I also believe that God's revealed instructions for his plan would not be left to the changing ideas and whims of individual men: He reveals his plan through prophets and an established structure through which we can strengthen our strengths and improve our weaknesses. That God exists means his truth must be somewhere. I have used prayer in my life to help me learn about God and His truths. Prayer has helped me learn how to listen to Him by recognizing the Holy Spirit. Because I have learned how God communicates to me through prayer, I've received confirmations about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, its translator, of the Bible, and of the directions given by modern day prophets. I've also felt the peace and happiness that comes through living by the guidelines that scripture and prophets have set out. It is a wonderful blessing to have the perspective that comes from knowing where I'm going and why I'm here. Being a Mormon not only gives me the direction I need, but also the support and guidance that we all require to make the decisions that make us truly happy in this life.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by attending as many service-oriented activities as I can. It's difficult to do with so many priorities, but I feel like helping others can make all the difference in life. Thankfully, we have many opportunities to serve at church. I've taught Sunday school classes, helped people move, and even been to France for two years to teach and serve people who need spiritual and/or physical help. Of course, I also choose to abstain from alcohol, cigarettes/tobacco, and coffee and tea. I like to eat right, but unfortunately my frugality makes this a challenge for me. Both of these are important to me because not only do I believe that God asks this of his followers, but I also know that it's great for the health and the bank account! For similar health reasons, I try to refrain from soda/pop and especially cola's. Basically, I live my faith in this way by taking care of my body.