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Hi I'm Veronica

I'm a mother of 4 and a recent widow. Family is everything. My faith gives me purpose, hope and direction in the face of tragedy.

About Me

I love art, cooking and being active outdoors. I lost my husband in a plane accident on Nov 10, 2012. He is my very best friend, and I am so grateful that I know that if I do what is right that our family will be together forever. I love to be with kids; they are my best friends. We work hard together and we play even harder. They have been a rock to me through the recent trials in our life, and we have grown even closer together and to our Savior through all of this. Heavenly Father has blessed us in so many ways, and I am so grateful for His love and support for our family. I have watched good come from a tragedy. His plan for us is to make us into something better than we were. Sometimes we have to get broken so that He can rebuild us in His way. I am learning to trust in Him and to turn my life over to Him. The more that I submit my will, the easier the road is. He is carrying me and showing me how to be a better instrument in His hands. There is still joy now and in the future. Doing His work and following His plan is showing me that.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a Mormon family, but I am Mormon because I have prayed and received a witness that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. In our religion we believe that it is very important for people to receive their own witness. We must each have our own individual testimonies. I have taught my children this same principle. As I live the gospel everyday I continue to receive that witness. It make me happy. When I do what is right and keep the commandments I can have the Holy Spirit as my constant companion. Especially since the death of my husband, I have needed that. The Holy Spirit tells me the things I need to do. It gives me direction in my life. My life is very different than I ever imagined it would be, but as I listen to that voice I am discovering the path that God wants me to live. When I fight against God and want to do things my way instead of His, I find that it all ends up a mess. If I have faith and trust in Him and that voice, I feel peace. I feel a calm assurance that everything will be okay. I know that He is leading and guiding me. Honestly, I do not think I could have gotten through this with out the gospel. It is my anchor. It is my foundation. It is the way that I am not only surviving, but thriving. I wish that everyone knew what I know because if they did everyone would be so much happier and fulfilled.

How I live my faith

I try to help and serve other people. I have found that service is very healing. When you reach out to others you forget yourself, and when you seek to give grace you end up receiving more back in return. In church I teach the children songs about the gospel. It is a joy to help them enjoy coming to church and to teach them correct principles through music. When I think back on my youth, I still remember the songs that I learned, and I know that music is a powerful teaching tool. In times of need, those songs will help them stay strong and choose the right. I also visit lots of people and share my experiences about being a widow. I have found that the lessons that I am learning through this trial are universal. Everyone will eventually have to face hard things. I try to be a light and to give people hope and direction for getting through their own difficulties. I have actually been miraculously lead to find several young widows. I regularly check on them and try to offer support, direction and love. My heart has also been turned to the single ladies in our congregation. I have befriended several of them as well. These relationships have been a blessing in my life. I think this experience of being a widow has taught me to love better. I have a greater empathy for others now. I am also involved in a young widow/widower facebook group. I try to help other widows throughout the country by sharing how I am healing. I started blogging about my experiences and I share that publicly on facebook. I have found that I have a voice now, and that people listen because of the death of my husband. Everywhere I go I try to share my faith and how it has completely supported me through all of this. My desire to share what I have is immense. I see so many people who are struggling in life and I just want to reach out to them so that they know God loves them and that He has a plan for them.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Grace is an enabling power granted to us through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Grace can allow us to overcome obstacles, give us strength to do hard things, and lift us up emotionally. Grace is the gift that Christ gives us when we truly repent; it satisfies justice and washes us clean. If we have faith and actively use it to do the things that Christ has asked us to do, grace will make up all of the difference. My husband died in a plane crash 16 months ago. I have called on that enabling power many times since then. I have felt it dampen my sorrows with comfort. I have seen it allow me to do things that I did not think I could do. Grace is real. If we will be obedient and have faith and trust in Him, He will take care of us through his grace. Another thing that I have learned is that as we give grace to others we get more grace in return from the Savior. Thus service is a way to open the powers of heaven in our lives. It is a way to receive more grace, more of His help and more of His love. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about “eternal life?”

We believe that because we are the literal offspring of God, we have within us the ability to someday become like Him. This gives us a purpose and a reason for bettering ourselves. Because we wanted to be like God, we came to earth to experience trials that would stretch us and help us become the individuals God knew we were capable of becoming. God had a plan for each of us to do important things. We promised Him that we would learn to listen to the spirit so we could remember that plan. He agreed that he would enable us to do those things if we would simply ask Him in faith for help and be obedient. If we keep His commandments and the promises or covenants that we make to Him when we are baptized and go to the temple, we are promised to not only be able to live with Him someday, but to be with our righteous family members and to inherit all that He has. We will be rewarded according to our faithfulness, because God could only bestow that power and responsibility on someone who had proven themselves trustworthy and faithful. So this life is a time to prepare ourselves to meet God, to learn, and to grow as much as we can. Like muscles that need resistance and strain to grow stronger, we also require resistance and strain in our lives to enable our growth. We know that Christ suffered all things. Can we really expect to stand next to Him before God and be joint-heirs if we had not suffered some in part? Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

God is able to show His love for us through families. When my children were born, I felt that God gifted me with a portion of His love for them. I could see their potential, and I felt unconditional love for this innocent, helpless bundle that was placed in my arms. Families are the laboratory that God has designed for us to first practice and learn about love, service, compassion, charity, patience and selflessness. As we seek to be righteous and to align our behavior with what the Savior would like us to do, our families become closer together and closer to God. We are all a part of God's family. By being parents we learn to experience how he feels about us, how He hurts when we choose poorly, and how He constantly is willing to reach out to help us. As with anything that is important, family relationship take a lot of work and patience. We can teach correct principles, set a good example, and love others, but everyone has their agency in the end to choose how they will behave and what they want to believe. Sometimes we have to wait patiently like the Lord does for us, while our family members are learning tough lessons. Sometimes it takes years or a lifetime for them to change. As I have struggled with these family issues, I have realized that they let us practice God's patience for us. They refine us and help us become more like Him. My children are God's children first. He has a plan to help them and me come back to Him. Families are central in that plan. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Everywhere I look I see evidence of God in the world around me as well as in the details of my life. I am a physicist. The more science I study, the more strongly I feel that a divine hand controls the world around us through scientific laws. Chance could not have created such an amazing universe. Beyond the physical world, I see God in my life everyday. My husband died recently in a plane crash. Many people would expect that to cause me to question God, but on the contrary, it has brought me closer to Him and made me more aware of how involved He is in my life. In times of deep despair that I could not pull myself out of, I have felt an amazing power lift me up, take the burden of sorrow and enable me to do things that I did not possibly think that I could do. I can not explain that any other way. God is there. He loves me and my 4 children. He watches over us and sends lots of little miracles and tender mercies everyday to help us. He carries me and enables me. He sends His spirit to direct me and tell me how to move forward. I know He has a plan for my life and that plan is to make me into someone better. As this experience is refining me, I feel His love encouraging me and giving me strength everyday. I can look back and literally see the times when I was carried. No amount of self-talk can create those experiences. They are priceless to me and have forever changed me. I will never doubt that God is there, because I now know for a surety that He is. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

My husband recently died in a plane accident, so this is something that is forefront in my mind. Death is not the end, but only a temporary separation. We leave our bodies aside and our spirits continue to learn and progress in the spirit world. When Christ comes again we will have the chance to be reunited with our bodies by being resurrected like He was. Then our bodies will be perfect and glorious! If we prove ourselves faithful by keeping our covenants with God and following His commandments, then we have the ability to become like Him someday. This life is only a small step in the eternities. We have so much to learn in order to develop those dormant divine qualities that God has implanted with in each of us. I know that my husband is busy in the spirit world doing the work of the Savior. He still has stewardship over our family and he is allowed to help and aid us as well. There is a divine plan at work to get God's children back to Him. That requires work from us here as well as those on the other side. If we are faithful to our covenants and keep God's commandments, I know that we will be together as a family again someday. Families are intended to exist in the eternities and are part of His plan. The gospel of Jesus Christ enables us to be with our loved ones after we die. It allows us to continue to strengthen and build those relationships as we come individual to Christ even if we are temporally separated physically by death. Show more Show less