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Hi I'm Chris

I love stories and all story-telling mediums. I love to garden. I hope to become a storyboard artist. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

From a young age I enjoyed storytelling. I grew up with improv bedtime stories told by my dad and a grandpa who passed on folk stories and songs. One particular elementary school teacher was a storyteller, as well, and encouraged creative stories. And since then, I've determined that that's what I want to do with my life. I thought I was going to be a famous author, but now I've discovered the joys of visual storytelling in comics and storyboards. I would still love to write a book someday, but I'm hoping for a career in storyboards. Stories are spiritually important for us, like music. Aside from healthy escapism, they allow people to go on journeys they can't have in real life and vicariously learn about life. A good story can be read for mindless entertainment and for simple wisdoms, whichever the reader is in the mood for. And people listen to stories. I feel like I have good things to say. I hope to tell many stories, touch many lives, and strengthen many people. That is my goal in life. I love to garden. I feel a deep connection to the land and God's creation, and hope to someday have a hobby farm. I have bad joints. Sometimes walking is hard. When I was young, I wore braces and sometimes a wheelchair was needed. It's still hard some days, especially during the winter, but I no longer wear braces and have managed to keep my pain at bay by diet and exercise. I hated being medicated and I was very glad to find more natural ways of taking care of my body.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Church, but everyone has to be a convert. I was converted sometime in high school, around the healthy age when you really start questioning your beliefs and what your parents taught you. I looked into other beliefs. My parents were supportive. They were convinced I couldn't find anything better (they were right). With all the beautiful but conflicted beliefs I had learned from other religions, I decided to really start from scratch and build up. What was I going to believe? First, I had to determine if there was a God. I decided He was real; I was very familiar with his influence in my life and had received many answers to prayers. I had a relationship with Him, so I knew He was real. So far so good. Next I had to decide on Christ. This decision took shorter than the God question. I had a relationship with Christ, and knew He was real, too. The idea of an Atonement and a sacrifice made the most sense, knowing that I was imperfect and would need to be saved from my sins. So I believed in God and I believed in Christ, so I was a Christian. But what really cinched me to this faith was the Priesthood. I recognize God's power, and the Priesthood is real. Through poor health and other struggles, I have had many Priesthood blessings of healing and comfort, and there is not a doubt in my mind, it definitely comes from God. My testimony started on three things: God, Christ, and the power of the Priesthood. So I stayed in the Church. Eventually I gained a testimony of the rest--the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the divine callings of Prophet and Apostles, the Word of Wisdom--and I know that the doctrines taught in this Church are the true doctrines of Christ, that they are the same principles He taught when He walked the Earth during His mortal ministry. I don't have a testimony of everything;everyone's always in the middle of their journey, no one is at the end. But I do have a testimony of God and Christ, and I love them with all my heart.

How I live my faith

At the moment, I am serving a mission in the Tempe, Arizona mission! I love teaching people about Christ. I always loved my teaching assignments in Church, and I even love giving talks!! I'll admit, I hate preparing. But once that's all done, the rest is so much fun! Outside of the Church, I write (and draw) stories. I write about journeys, and of people who are weak on the outside and strong on the inside, and of love and hope. I try to show the world that there is still good things to enjoy and hope for, and try to share my concern about dangerous ideals. I don't want sugar coat things. Life is hard, and it can be hard, and it's plenty unfair, but the good parts are so much better than the bad parts and it's so worth it.