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Hi I'm Shalei Harwood

Southern Utah raised. I served in the Montana Billings Mission. I am studying to be an elementary teacher. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a small town in Southern Utah. I am the fourth of five children in my family. Growing up, we were always exploring the outdoors; building forts, riding bikes, creating new games. Because I went to a small high school, I was able to be involved in a variety of activities; volleyball, track, soccer, school clubs, and yearbook. I served in the Montana Billings Mission. Here, I came to love my Father in Heaven, His gospel, and my brothers and sisters more deeply. I am currently a student at Southern Utah University studying to be an elementary teacher. I am in the process of learning more about myself and deciding what I want to do. I eventually want to be a high school counselor, therapist, or seminary teacher. I value my relationship with God, my family, service, education, and fun. I find joy in interacting with and learning about people. I am passionate about becoming the best that I can become and helping others to do the same.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised learning the principles of the gospel, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I have always had a testimony of the gospel. I remember attending primary, activity days, and participating in family home evening. I didn't always understand what was going on, but I could feel the love of God and I desired to be obedient. I remember when I was around twelve years old, I really wanted to know how and why people could testify of the gospel with such conviction. I became frustrated that I didn't know the things that they knew. I desired to have my own testimony so that, when I shared it, I wasn't telling a lie. I began to pray, search my scriptures, and listen to church meetings with greater intent. I didn't receive huge, powerful revelations, but I felt peace. I have gone though phases where my faith was weak. I have slowly come to know, with a deep conviction, that the fundamental truths of Christ's gospel are true. As a missionary and a college student, my faith has been challenged. I have had my mind open to ideas I had never before considered. I realized, though, that as I lived by the principles of the gospel, I have experienced Jesus Christ's power. The spirit witnesses to me time and time again that God is my loving Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ is my Savior, and that Jesus Christ's church has been restored back to the earth. This knowledge is an anchor to me in the storms of life. I can not deny the light and knowledge I have received. I can not deny the experiences in which Christ's power transformed me, strengthened me, and guided me.

How I live my faith

I have faith in Jesus Christ. I live His gospel because it brings me peace and happiness. I feel that there is no greater thing than the peace of having a relationship with God. The faith that I have motivates me in everything that I do. My faith motivates me to wake up every day, knowing that the Lord can use me for good. My faith motivates me receive an education, to serve my brothers and sisters, to go to church each Sunday, to study the word of God. As a college student, I try to meet and understand new people. As an aunt, I try to help my siblings with their kids. As a sister, I try to spend time with my siblings. As a friend, I try to listen and serve. I seek to develop my talents and increase in capacity to serve. I know that I, as a human being, am weak and I make mistakes. But I recognize the Savior's hand in my life. I know it is through him that I am able to do these things.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

Shalei Harwood
A testimony is a knowledge of truth. This knowledge is witnessed to our mind and our heart by the power of the Holy Ghost. Some truths are of more value than others. Fundamental truths are the basis of a testimony. A testimony is something that each person can gain individually. Though I may know that God is my Heavenly Father and I may testify of that truth to my friends, they will not have that same knowledge without the witness of the Holy Ghost. A testimony comes as you ask questions, study the word of God, ponder, pray, and act on the answers you receive. A testimony does not come all at once. As you act on what you receive, the Holy Ghost will bless you with more and more knowledge. The spirit may witness truth to you as you are studying, or it may come as your are pondering. The spirit will witness of truth in a way that you understand and at the time you are ready to receive it. A testimony is a precious gift, given to those who seek it. It is something to be protected. Having a knowledge of truth will bless you with peace, hope, guidance, and strength every day. Show more Show less