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Hi I'm Greg

I was born and raised in the State of Montana. I was introduced to the Church when young and I am a still a Mormon.

About Me

At 66 years old my family of 6 children have all grown up and left home. We now have grandchildren to enjoy and enrich our lives. I met my wife, Mary at BYU and we have been married for over 41 years. It has gone by like a flash. Looking back as a student in College, I have often remarked that I majored in every "ology" there was, loved them all, but never found one that really lit my fire enough to make it my life's work. So also it has been with my life, I have done everything from herding cattle, drilling oil wells, running a finance company, being a bank executive, manufacturing aerospace products, and being involved in the rise of the computer industry. I have loved everything I have ever done but most fulfilling has been the friendships developed over the years.

Why I am a Mormon

I became acquainted with the Mormon Church as a child, quite miraculously. I was registering for 5th grade standing in a line and noticed a boy a ways in front of me that had a tattered sweater on. I smugly thought who dressed that boy? Doesn't he know you are suppose to wear your good clothes here? I judged him in my mind thinking myself better than him. I heard a voice say "You need to get to know that boy. Make him your best friend. He has something you need." I turned around to see who was speaking but no one was there. Those words where however so deeply etched into my mind that I did "get to know that boy" and I "did make him my best friend" and "he did have something I needed". It was with his family that I first gave a blessing on a meal. It was with his family that I first knelt in prayer and felt the spirit of the Lord. It was with his family that I was taught a better way of life. I went to their church and felt the warmth and love from all of the members in their little branch. It was held in a rented hall called the Women's Club House. It looked like a log cabin. One day I went to my father and said "Dad, I want to become a Mormon. I want to live like they live and believe what they believe." I was surprised when he said "Son, you have got to follow your own conscience." Words that were out of character for him. With that, I became a Mormon, I lived like they live, and believe what they believe and never once have I looked back wondering if it was the right decision. Years later, in their old age, my mom and dad made the remark "Of all of our children you have done the best". In response I said "You know why that is?" They acknowledged "It's because of the Church". Yes it is and this the Church of Jesus Christ changes lives. I will forever be grateful for the way it has changed mine. Everything good that has happened in my life has been as a result of being a Mormon. I am thankful for that voice I heard.

How I live my faith

I have had many calling in the church and loved them all but my favorite has been working as a Stake Missionary and home teaching. We were once called on a Stake Mission to the State Prison in our area when we lived in California. It is disheartening to see so many who have made bad choices in their life but yet when they are willing to repent, change, and accept the Savior in their lives the transformation is marvelous. My Sweetheart of 41 years and I have now been called on a full time mission. This is the one thing that we dreamed of all of our married life. Mary's parents spent most of their early years doing missionary work in South America. Her father was one of the first missionaries in Argentina, went back as the mission president of that very same mission after he was married, and opened up several other missions on the South American continent. She has siblings that were born in that land and she herself was born in Uruguay while her father served as a mission president there. We have always dreamed of following in their footsteps and giving our last years to the Lord. Now as the scriptures say "It has come to pass" and we have that wonderful opportunity to serve those we love. Truly there can be no sweeter fruit than to see the change that Christ's Gospel can have in the lives of our brothers and sisters.